Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The HangING Man NOT the HangED Man


The Hanging-Man
A person depicted hanging by his/her feet”

In ancient times, many cultures' manhood rites included a young boy passing into manhood by proving himself. He would climb a tree, tie one end of a rope around one or both feet, tie the other end to a solid branch, and jump. This rite represents a “leap of faith,” bravery, courage, and a warriors willingness to “enter battle without fear.” (This symbol is often confused with “The Hanged Man” The meaning of these two symbols are completely different.)

Modernly, this rite has been adapted into bungee jumping and adopted as a type of sport. This activity has appeared in wedding ceremonies representing the “leap of faith” into union.

Another meaning of this card is "To Suspend Belief and Doubt to Gain Insight" The Divine may use this card to ask the questioner to suspend all current ego & intuition to receive more. The questioner may be asked to sacrifice something in exchange for something greater. This message is reflected in the story of Odin. In order to receive the secret knowledge of runes, Odin sacrificed his left eye and hung himself upside down over a Divine Well. The Divine recognized his sacrifice and devotion, thus awarding him with the wisdom of runes.

Is there something you are reluctant to sacrifice, even though you know there's something better out there waiting for you? This card resonates with this intuitive and divine message.

This symbol is also commonly seen in Tarot Decks. It is a symbol from the Major Arcana representing a journey into wisdom. Whether that journey is Masculine or Feminine is not determined in the deck.

When this symbol is depicted in dreams or visions, a person can determine which path this important wisdom or lesson will spring from. The gender of the person that is depicted hanging will tell you. My son, Wesley, has experienced dream and omen. One story is here, the other story is located in Call Me, Call Me Anytime: Age of Discernment.

Wesley dreamt he was in a car, driving down a road. Along the road, tall trees shaded his journey. As he looked up, he saw a man hanging by his feet from above. The car passed quickly under the hanging-man. Shocked, Wesley turned his head to look back from the driver's seat. The
man had turned into a woman, gravity not disturbing her white dress, but her hair hanging as it normally should when upside down. Wesley was disturbed by the dream. He told me about it the next day. I laughed and told him not to worry, that it was a very good dream.

His car meant that he will have what he needs and that it will seem like a quick journey. He will also be physically protected. The trees that shaded the road was a symbol of spiritual protection. The hanging-man means he will learn what he needs to learn during his physical trip. The hanging-woman symbolized that he will be blessed by wisdom on the Feminine Path.

I reassured him that not all creepy things are bad. Even though the hanging-man and woman were scary, the signs for Wesley are very good. Whatever the lesson the universe has in store for him, I am sure he will learn them and will benefit from them before his time on the Masculine Path is finished.

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