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More about Rayism

Adepts to Rayism are introduced to a a discipline known only as “Coins Edge”

Adepts are taught that Ray is the physical embodiment of the coins edge

Adepts are expected to be true natural.

Adepts are taught that Rayism is not a psionic power. It is not magic. It is not sorcery. It is not divine. Rayism and the benefits of it are trained abilities, skills, and feats. There are requirements but, for the most part, anybody can learn them.

Adepts are taught that these abilities are based on chakras and the ki that flows between them. The abilities taught by the Temple of Ray can block or unblock flows of Ki throughout the body, mind, soul, and physical environment.

Adept- lvl 1- Success touch attack gives +1
Apprentice- lvl 2- successful touch attack gives +2
Student- lvl 3- And so forth...
Disiple- lvl 4
Master- lvl 5
Preist- lvl 6

It is during the vision quest and from the pixie drink that the chakras of the body, mind, soul, and environment are revealed to the adept. The vibrant colors “of the trip” never leave the follower. A follower of Rayism can see all the colors, including purple, within perception of the follower and can see them flowing and changing. The follower doesn't see them all the time.The follower can call it up and dismiss it at will. (I hope that made sense) Otherwise, the follower sees as he normally would given race, light, and whatever. Rayism doesn't take anything away from the follower, it only adds to his experiences.

Chakra 1- feet- black- foundation
Chakra 2- knees- brown -balance
Chakra 3- groin- red- seat
Chakra 4- mid torso- yellow- body
Chakra 5- chest- orange- heart
Chakra 6- arms- green- action
Chakra 7- throat- blue- communication
Chakra 8- forehead- indigo- thought
Chakra 9- top of head- violet- crown
Chakra 10- above the head- white- divine flow

+1 to what you ask? Well, look at the chart. A successful touch attack to block foundation means the opponent is more likely to trip. A successful touch attack to the throat rends open unable to speak. Use imagination. It is up to the DM.

A successful touch attack to friendly throat can case +1 to diplomacy or fast talking. Successful touch to friendly to forehead can case a +1 to intelligence or wisdom rolls.

By blocking or unblocking the flow of ki between points of the body will cause different things to in relator to what is being blocked. Successful block strike from a preist of Rayism to an opponents yellow chakra may cause kidney failure.

When reaching Student lvl, the follower will be taught a focus feat. For example, a preexist can, with successful “touch attacks” can block or unblock flows of Ki to focus a sudden burst of power to heal another part of the body. So he could block or unblock his own Ki to heal himself or he can block or unblock flows of Ki to heal another person, using the other's persons body. Basically, the priest can only use the personal KI to heal himself but he cannot use his personal Ki to heal another person. The priest can use the Ki flow of the other person to heal the other person, but could not heal himself using another's Ki flow. (I hope that made sense.)

Followers of Rayism cannot enchant items.


The followers of Rayism, who are in the upper rungs of Temple hierarchy, understand something that extremely few on this side of Tarkazia truly understand. The only way to make Technology work is with purple magic. That is the magic produced by “the Coins Edge” it is “magic” in the sense that it can be imbued on an object or being. The secret of that magic is that there isn't any magic in at all. Instead, it is viewed more or less like a improbability engine. The less likely it is to work, the more likely it will work for the follower. That is why it works.Which is the reason why, when a follower of Rayism is in doubt, shit falls apart. It is also the reason why when someone asks Ray if it will work, he shrugs and says nothing. Ray is Schrodinger's cat, he is dead and alive at the same time as long as no one answers the question. As long as he stays within the realm of knowing yet unknowing, it will work. If he answers straight forward with any answer, it will fail whether it was meant to work or not.

Followers of Rayism, unofficially support the faction called, “The Circuit.” This is mostly unknown to Adepts, Apprentices, and Students. When the follower attains Disciple, master, and priest, it is not unusual for “the Circuit” to appear and make an attempt to recruit.

False enchanted items are commonly found being sold by followers of Rayism. A false enchanted item is an item that is believedto be enchanted, behavesas if it is enchanted, but isn't enchanted at all. The “enchantment” comes from the beliefthat it is enchanted. It will always have a purple hue.

A false enchanted item will be believed it is enchanted if a successful bluff roll is made. I enjoy making players uncomfortable by having them tell me a story as to the how's and why's of an enchanted items creation. The better the story, the higher the chances of success.

Followers of Rayism need a good gambling skill rank. A lot of what they will do, will depend on that rank.

Followers of Rayism commonly pick up tinkering as well. The character doesn't haveto, but it is beneficial if they have something.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

No Gnus is Good Gnus: D&D and Rayism

The Four Laws of Rayism-

#1- Be ignorant in the pursuit of wisdom
#2- The gain of wisdom is always followed by the gain of ignorance
#3- Lie in the face of truth
#4- Be honest in the face of a lie

The Great One did not save Khemair but His Mercy allowed it to be saved.

He is Mercy and its duality.

His ignorance freed Khemair and His Wisdom allowed it to be saved.

He is Wisdom and its duality.

His actions did not save Kemair but his direction allowed Kemair to be saved.

He is the Compass to which we direct our actions.

His intentions are veiled But his actions were to be seen.

He is the veil.

There are a total of four preexists/priestess. Mercy, Wisdom, Compass, and Veil. There are the physical embodiment of the four virtues of Rayism. Mercy will will either block or unblock Mercy. Wisdom will block or unblock wisdom, intelligence, or things of the mind and spirit. Compass will either block or unblock personal direction. Veil will block or unblock truth, lies, intentions, motive.

The idea behind Rayism is the knowledge and acceptance that cycles will happen with or without interference from an outside source. Self aware beings can hinder or help the cycles as they progress. A seed will grow anywhere. But when a self aware being puts it in a certain place, at a certain time, and nurture it with resources, the plant has a better chance at life and procreation. As a self aware being, we can block the seeds growth and chances at procreation by denying it a certain place, certain time, and resources. And so it is with any living thing.

Rayism does not have a favored weapon. Whatever weapon the follower prefers is Rays favored weapon. Rayism requires a shield of some type. It can be magical, it can be kite, it can be a barrel lid. But the shield has to have the ability to block something.This “shield” can be a ring of protection, a helmet, a magic cape, it has to provide some protection from something.

The Mark of Rayism is a sun with its points as a compass. The “shield” must bear his mark.

Initiates must perform a ceremony that involves a quest to Ray's homeland. There they must retrieve a bottle of Pixie wine and bring it back to the temple.

Back at the temple, the initiate is dressed in white robes and sit vigil. Then, the night of the next day, the initiate will imbibe the a goblet of Pixie wine. The pixie wine will induce the initiate into a vision quest. The vision is unique to each individual. If the initiate survives the vision quest, they are welcomed into the temple community at sunrise. “Reborn” into the temple as an adept. There is a big party not involving the rest of the bottle of pixie wine.

Rayism does not have a favored enemy.

Rayism does give the follower “unlikely luck.” Basically, the more unlikely something is to happen, the more likely it will happen to and forthe follower. (It is like an improbability engine following them around) Keep in mind, that the moment the follower is in doubt, shit falls apart. The key of Rayism to accept almost anything that the game offers up and roll with those punches. Refer to Ray's origin story. That is his core personality. Oh, did you not hear about “No Gnu's is good Gnu's?” Okay, no shit there we were...

Our group was in a poor village. I don't even remember why we were there. But we had to retrieve something to lift a curse or something. We went trough the adventure, which was taxing on us, and brought back “the thing.” Anyway, so the people gathered in the center of the village, performed some spell or something. And then...

nothing happened.

As the group stood perplexed by the “nothing,” the villagers got angry and started to blame us for the “nothing.” My cleric said, “Wait, we didn't do anything to cause the nothing of your item.” The villagers were like all “well what didn't it work?” My cleric said something like, “Maybe it takes a little time. You need to wait. Sometimes, not knowing is the best thing for the problem.” Then, Ray says, “Yeah, No Gnu's is Good Gnu's” (Earlier that day, I had introduced Wesley to The Great Space Coaster and Gary Gnu.) Lorien, Wesley, and I are now laughing our asses off.

So, the DM says, “The Villagers don't get the joke. They all just look at each other and wonder what's funny.”

So, I say (and thus my cleric) Don't you know what a Gnu is?”

No,” says villager.

It's is an animal. Don't you have books in your school?” Says I (and thus my cleric.)

No, our village is too poor for books for the school.” says the “villager”

So, my cleric drops to her knees and prays aloud for knowledge of Gnu's. The DM wants a show of it. So, I get up off the couch, drop to my knees, throw my arms into the air, and say something like, “ Oh great and powerful deity! Bless this village with knowledge. For they lack the wisdom to know their ignorance. Bring forth and bless this poor yet noble village with knowledge of Gnus!”

The Dm is now laughing his ass off. He rolls. Then, he rolls again. And again, and again..while his laughing is getting harder and harder. Just before he is almost falling out of his chair, he looks up at us and says, “I can't believe this happening.”

What?” the players ask

As the cleric ends her prayer, the sky darkens. The clouds gather. You are now a witness to raining Gnus. There are Gnus falling out of the sky. And it is horrible.” He is laughing so hard! The characters are now running from angry villagers and Gnus.

Thus, we learned the true lesson of “No Gnus is good Gnus.”

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The Wand

The Wand is about focusing energy and sending it out. In myth, folklore, fairytale, and legend there are plenty of examples of it. It is noteworthy to point out that The Wand doesn't have to be a short stick like seen in Harry Potter. A wand has many shapes and sizes. It can be a staff, which is a long piece of wood. It can be a wooden spoon from the kitchen. You may find all kinds of information on how to make your own, or what kind of tree is best. But just like in Harry Potter, the wand picks the wizard or witch. Instead of making your own, ask the divine to grant you one.

In Tarot, the depictions of wands are all about focusing energy towards a goal or challenge. As you get further into research about “things of divine gifts,” you will see that many people want to shadow “arcane knowledge” into something dramatic and mystical. The truth is there isn't anything dramatic or mystical about it.

The “Theater” of Tarot comes from the turn of the century when spiritualism was becoming very popular. The craft was filled with frauds and hooligans trying to separate the customer from their money. They would use parlor tricks in a dimly lit room to make the costumer believe that the diviner's power came from the “other side.” Those who could make a show to prove their credibility had more customers, hence more wealth.

Harry Houdini was an avid non-believer because of the show. He felt that the illusions used by these fraudulent diviners wasn't fair to the customer. Harry didn't see that his illusions were dishonest because his patrons knew, when they came to a show, that it was a show. His illusions were a trick and the costumers knew that.

I agree with Harry. If a person wants to see a show, they go to a magician. If a person goes to have their cards read, it is because they are seeking advise. To cloud that in some dramatic show is to be dishonest.

Focus your reading on the questioner. The reading is not about you or how right you are. It isn't about showing off “your powers of divination.” It is also important to note that it isn't about “look at me and pay attention to my entertainment.” A reading is about a real person, with real problems, who is seeking help or advise. This person may be uncomfortable with therapy, or talking to someone they know about an issue. (Also note that you are not a therapist! If problems are about something that should beaddressed by a therapist, tell that person. Tell them that the cards say “seek therapy” even if the cards say something else. A well placed lie could save a person.) 

For the Tarot, The Wands, all wands, represent resources and energy. Each card tells a short one sentence story about what or how resources and energy are moving and/or not moving on your Masculine and Feminine paths. The Wands talk about tangible and intangible resources as they apply to four areas of living, Love, Career, Home, and Finance.  A resource could be knowledge or a 100 pound bag of wheat. The knowledge is feminine and intangible. The wheat is masculine and tangible. Both are resources that could be traded for currency or donated to/for love. Do you give the wheat to starving Uncle Joe? Do sell the wheat and give the money to Uncle Joe? Do you sell the wheat and keep the money but tell Uncle Joe where to go to get a job? Do you trade the wheat for repairs to your roof? Do you keep the wheat and save it for later? Do you donate the wheat to a homeless shelter? Do you grind the wheat and become a miller? Using this example is pretty endless one its own. The goal of The Wands is to help assess where the resources and energy need to go or not go.

The Cups- dreaming, planning, researching, vision, deciding on a goal
The Wands- resources, energy, focus, directing towards a goal 
The Swords- the actions and  thoughts that get you to that goal 
The Pentacles (Coins)- The rewards of goal achievement

The Cup

The Cup is about receiving. It can be depicted as a goblet, bowl, or any vessel that can be drunk from. The Cup has ancient roots steeped in myth, folklore, fairytale, myth, and legend. The more important the cup, the more important the contents.

Of course, the most notable and famous of cups is the Holy Grail. This cup was used by Christ during the last supper. But I also heard a tale that this same cup was used to collect the dripping blood of Christ as he bleed from the cross. There is no explanation as to whysome person would do this, nor was it explained as to what the person did with the blood once collected.

Another notable cup was the cup of Braggi, the god skald of Norse Myth. The mead of poetry is said to be in it. This mead was said to bring inspiration to any person who drinks the mead.

There are many ornate cups that can be found during the Middle Ages and Reminiscence. Most of these cups were created by noblemen who feared being poisoned. The contents in the cup were said to be protected from potions by the stones that covered the outside.

The Cup, as an artifact in myth, is about receiving liquid. Everything from ambrosia to water has been handed down in story. But the symbology of the cup is really about receiving and imbibing the divine. The ritual of communion is all about receiving the blood and body of Christ. This ritual is far more ancient than that. But we cannot have a ritual like that without the all important cup.

 For the Tarot, The Cup, all cups, are about receiving divine inspiration, dreams, visions, brainstorming, researching, thinking about what you really want. This is the part of life when you decide on your goals. The Cups are not concerned with what you need as resources or what actions you have to take to get there.

The Cups- dreaming, planning, researching, vision, deciding on a goal
The Wands- resources, energy, focus, directing towards a goal 
The Swords- the actions and  thoughts that get you to that goal 
The Pentacles (Coins)- The rewards of goal achievement

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Khan really wants

Noonien Kahn was found by Admiral Marcus and kept in Section 31 to create a warship. We also know that Noonien Khan has smuggled out information stored in Section 31 that involves the history of the Eugenic Wars and pretty much everything else; which includes records of the Genesis Project.

He also knows that the Klingons needthat project. In The Search for Spock, Kruge had information that Federation was working on a weapon of mass destructoin. But that is not what the Genesis Project was in thatTimeline. Of course, it was also unstable and the planet was destroyed after resurrecting Spock. But after seeing the Genesis Project for himself, Kruge never asked about how the Klingons could use it it to restore Kronos and I have often wondered why.

But in thistimeline, could Khan have perfected the Genesis Project? We already know that Khan wants to destroy the Federation. We already know that he has the embryos. Knowing about the Genesis Wave and the resurrection of Spock from the files of Section 31, could Khan be planning on using the Genesis Project to create a new Kronos with the inclusion of the Embryos to create a “new and stronger” Klingon race? A combination of super human/klingon soldiers to take over the federation?

I think this is a plausible deduction given the information provided. Somewhere in the depths of my brain, I believe this might be what the writers have in store for us in the new upcoming movie. I am not comfortable with this theme of writing. It doesn't hold water to the original intent of the Khan character.

Another plausible theory is that Khan has traded his knowledge of the Genesis Project for sanctuary. Khan will restore Kronos and the Klingon High Counsel will give him a protected planet within the Klingon Empire to raise his family normally. But I would have to question the true intent of the High Counsel. Would they trust Khan not to interfere?

Hell no. They don't trust humans at all. The Klingons would interefere because of their own paranoia and screw around with Khan, make him angry, then Kahn would eventually counter. But Khan knows that too. So what do the Klingons have that Noonien Khan would find valuable?

Noonien Khan's motive is to find a safe place to have his family without interference. Noonien Khan really can't trust any nation to leave him alone. So, his only option is to find a planet and hide it. The Klingons have cloaking technology. That is what Kahn wants so badly. With a cloak, he can take his embryos anywhere in the cosmos. And Khan is smart enough to backwards engineer the tech to create a planet wide cloaking device. 

This could work. In TNG, the Enterprise comes across a world that could fit the profile for Khan's planet. The episode is called Clues. (air date Feb 11, 1991) The audience never sees or hears the true identity of the inhabitants of this world. The advanced technology of this unknown species would definitely be within the scope of Khan's people after a hundred years or so.
There is another possible planet. The inhabitants on this planet are extremely peaceful. They fit the genetic profile; blond, blue-eyed, long living, no diseases, perfect bodies, and are pretty smart. But their laws are extremely restrictive and they cannot leave their own planet because “God” will not allow it. Justice (air date Nov 9, 1987) is the episode I am speaking of. Now, I am reluctant to offer this suggestion but it is possible. This may explain the social behaviors of the inhabitants and why the planets justice system has to be extreme. It would also fit Khan's profile and history.

I want to see a more peaceful outcome for Noonien Khan. But I know how Hollywood “thinks” they know what fans want, explosions. I fear that will give way to new kind of low. One that I don't want to be a part of.

Here's hoping I am wrong.