Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Words: Depression Series: Coping Skills part 4

Word Examples for ASMR Remodification Program

Begin with a meditation of your choice. The point is to get into a very relaxed state of being. 

Affirmation Intro

It’s time to guide your dreams into reality. You are moving into a space in which your inward reality and your dream reality is becoming your outward reality and your woke reality. It is vital to keep focus on the highest good for yourself. You are not reliving your own history you feel supported. You are grateful for what has led you to this moment. This moment that is overflowing with universal abundance. Discipline and commitment are important. You are present. You have presence. Magic is manifesting all around you. Stop filtering. Stop trying to protect yourself from yourself. You love yourself. Allow yourself to grow. Stretch out from within. Feel the environment around you. Now is the moment of great things. Explore it now. Relax. Focus. Concentrate. Allow these words to flow over you The words become pictures, sound, smell, taste, feelings. They become the world around you. Explore a perfect day in your perfect life.

Cognitive Behavior Modification Program


I accept my present self without Judgment. My presence is authentic. I do not fear judgment. of myself. I do not fear judgment from others. I am free from personal judgment. I am free of direct judgment. I am free of Indirect judgment. Opposing opinion os not a judgment of my core identity, value, belonging, or purpose. Counter-perspective opinion is not a judgment of my core identity, value, belonging, or purpose. I radically accept opposing opinions and perspectives without meaning and at face value.

Identity Shift

As I align my mind, body, and Spirit into my authentic self, my identity will shift. This is necessary and normal. Everything is fine. My ego structure is falling. Let it go. Allow the Ego to surrender. I will manifest my authentic self.

Ego clings to Logic

I am aware. I have awareness. I will not take curiosity to compulsion. Everything is revealed in due time. There are things I may never know about what's going on with me. I trust I am guided. I trust that I am loved. Breathe. Relax. Everything is revealed in due time. I am going to keep moving forward understanding what I need to understand. Everything else is left to the universe.

Negative Mindset

I know this difficult process is leading me to something better. This is my joyous adventure. My life is changing for the better. I may not feel like that now but I 'm still going to hold onto the belief that everything is happening for a reason. The reason will be revealed in due time.


I adapt to changes in perspective context naturally and easily. I transmute negative context into positive context naturally and easily. I transmute negative energy into positive energy without ill effect to the state of my health. I adapt.


  (This subheading is being reevaluated & edited for improvement.)
Suffering and pain are not the same. Pain cannot always be avoided but suffering can be avoided. Grief and Suffering are not the same. Suffering is not a part of my life. Forever gone is suffering. Pain is gone. I have distress tolerance skills. I do not suffer from my past. I do not suffer in my present.


I am Present. I have Presence. I am self-aware. I am mindful. I relax. I have focus. When feeling under pressure, I take a slow deep breath and I realize I am safe. I am strong. I have intelligence. I am creative. I am clever. I am content. I am satisfied. I am growing in a positive way. I am positive. I reframe the situation for my benefit. I value honesty. I value integrity. I value honesty above integrity. I discipline myself. I commit to myself and my core identity. Self-soothing skills have a positive effect. I realize radical acceptance. I am compassionate to myself. I am gracious to myself. I accept my present self without judgment. I am present. I have presence. The present is the only moment I have control over. I am mindful. I have focus. I am present.

Success & Accomplishment

Being happy is comfortable and secure. Success is comfortable and secure. Know that it is a positive feeling. It brings positivity into your daily living and life. Take comfort that you are making steps to improve yourself and your situation to a better quality of life and living. This feeling is secure and comfortable. There is nothing to fear from the feelings of success and accomplishment. There is nothing to fear from feeling content, happy, joy, and Peace at achieving a personal goal. You have achieved many things. You have self-actualized many goals along your joyous adventure, You are accomplished and successful.

Relationship Remodification

Social Relationships

I detect and repel toxic people. I detect and repel toxic relationships. I give and take compliments graciously. I relax when I receive a compliment. I compliment others. I value the hard work of others. I empathize with others' struggles. I offer others compassion and grace. Some else's success is not my failure. I celebrate friends' successes without jealousy. I offer unconditional friendship. I attract positive and healthy social relationships. I feel comfortable accepting positive social relationships. I take positive social relationships at face value. I give unconditional love at face value. I take unconditional love at face value.

Self Relationship

I radically accept and unconditionally love the person I am. I am a wonderful person. I respect myself.

Romantic Relationships

I attract positive and healthy romantic relationships. I radically accept positive and healthy romantic relationships. Fear of romantic relationships is gone forever. Fear of romantic commitment is gone forever. Fear of rejection is gone forever. Romantic rejection is not a judgment of my core identity, value, belonging,  and purpose. I attract a positive romantic relationship. I attract a mate that values me. I attract a mate that compliments me and is equal to my growth. I attract a mate who is willing to put forth an effort and work into a relationship. I attract a mate who is physically pleasing to me. I attract a mate who cares for his own health and well-being. I attract a mate who mirrors the positive qualities of (removed). I discern love, infatuation, fascination, and lust. 

Body Remodification Program

Emotional Body

Your emotional body is healing. Your emotional body is releasing negative emotions. This release is natural and normal. There is nothing to fear from them. It is healthy to acknowledge them. Embrace them. Give your body permission and the freedom to feel them. Feel what you need to feel without judgment and at face value. Allow your heart to transmute and heal those emotions. Do this as many times as you need too. You may never know or understand the reasons for having these feelings. It is only important that you have them. Give yourself permission and freedom to feel them so that your heart can heal them.

 Physical Body

I value my physical body. I care for the health and well-being of my physical body. I desire to maintain the health and well-being of my physical body. I take time for self-care. My physical body will grow stronger. My physical body will increase endurance. My physical body will increase in vitality and constitution. 

Spiritual Body


I am grateful. I am grateful for everything that has led me to this moment. Every positive and negative path has led me to this place of personal power. I am grateful for this power. I am grateful for this wisdom. I am grateful for this strength. I am grateful for this opportunity. I am grateful for my space. I am grateful for my divine gifts. I am grateful for my spiritual guide. I am grateful for my spiritual guidance. I radically accept all Divine gifts in all their forms. I am grateful for positive social relationships. I am grateful to be able to sing again.

(Here is where I incorporate my personal beliefs. You may want to take out my examples and use your own.)

Ascended Masters St Jermaine Violet Flames Prayer

Mighty I AM Presence, Heavenly Source, Please make manifest in me now the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation. Bring the Violet Flame into every cell, molecule, and atom of my body filling me totally and completely.
Blessed Violet Flame blaze into my Heart and expand out and around all of my bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, surrounding my entire Being with your Divine Grace, Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness.

Transmute all karma, negative thoughts, actions, deeds and energy that I have ever created at any time, in all dimensions, on all levels, in all bodies, through all time and space, past, present, and future, for all Eternity.Transmute everything that no longer serves me in body, mind, and spirit; including false beliefs, lower emotions, and physical challenges.
Transmute anything and everything that stands in my way of embodying the Ascended Being That I AM.

Prayer to Frigg for Joy and Abundance

Hear me Shining Lady of Asgard, all-seeing and all-knowing mother, at your command words are born, from your nod and tender smile life bursts into being. Oh Cunning Queen, Illuminate and Wyrd, Send your yellow flames of wisdom, wealth, and abundance to strengthen body and soul, make us fruitful in all things, like the Barley and the Flax that are your gifts. Upon your spindle of shimmering starlight, please weave for me a joyous fate.
Please make manifest in me now the Sacred Yellow Flame of Wisdom. Bring the Yellow Flame into every cell, molecule, and atom of my body filling me totally and completely with its Divine Radiance. Raise my vibration and frequency to the highest level possible for me at this time.

Transform my Aura that I attract positivity, Joy, wisdom, understanding, wealth, and abundance any time, in all dimensions, on all levels, in all bodies, through all time and space, past, present, and future, for all Eternity. Transform my Aura to attract only that which will raise my vibration, enrich my growth, grant prosperity, enhance my spiritual well-being and bring peace. Fill my soul with happiness and joy with the gentle warmth of the sun. Yellow Flames encode my physical, mental, and spiritual body to house the Ascended Being that I AM

So Be It and So It Is. 


Saturday, February 8, 2020

Start with an Idea even if it isn't yours

 Wodin, a mighty Jotunn chieftain went to his friend, Loki, and told him the future of the Jotunns must begin. But it couldn’t begin until the clans unite. Only by working together could they oust the Dwarfs from their mountains and keep the Fey from their lands. Loki, having traveled Jotunnheim, knew of many clans and the places they gathered and camped. Wodin asked his friend to go out to them with his message of unification. Loki said he would do it because they were sworn-kin but also warned Wodin that he will not like the response. Wodin said he didn’t care. So, Loki went a-Viking (which in this case also means Networking)
When Loki returned there were various responses from each clan chief and none of them agreed. Wodin felt frustrated and he shouted. The Jotunn Chief asked Loki what he would do if he were chief.
“I wouldn’t seek to rule in the first place! I think you’re a fool to try to unite the clans. Jotunns do not respect anything that they can’t punch. That includes things like laws, boundaries, and words. I’d never allow myself or allow another to put me in such a situation. I’ll never be chief, I’m too smart.” The large Loki huffed at Wodin. 
Wodin thought for a moment and then rephrased his question. “What advice would you give me then?”
“If you must, then my advice is to give them a reason to unite. A common thing or reason that can be shared throughout the clans,” replied Loki.
Wodin thought for a moment. “Well, we all hate Dwarfs,” he says.
“What?” asked Loki.
“We all hate Dwarfs,” repeated Wodin.
“That’s not what I-“ started Loki.
“Yes,” nodded Wodin. “Yes, let’s start a war with the Dwarfs.”

“No, we ca-“
“Oh, yes we can and we will, Loki,” said Wodin. “You’re my battle-brother and sworn-kin. I’m your chief, you’ll help. You gave your oath.”
Loki sighed and shook his head. “And I’m coming to regret that.”
Wodin ignored Loki’s objection and continued. “I want to start a war, but it has to be a real war that the Dwarfs are going to want to fight to the last. What I need you to do is sneak into the main stronghold and steal a treasure- a valuable one. It has to be something they prize beyond anything. But tell no one you have done this.”
Loki’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “Do you understand what you are asking me to do? Because I don’t think you do. If I start this, there’s no going back. This’ll never be unmade, forgotten, or forgiven.”
“I’m set in my decision,” said Wodin. “For better or for worse, we’ll change the face of Jotunnheim forever.”
Loki thought for a long time. Then he said, “This is no small task. If I do this for you, I require compensation.”
Wodin nodded. “I’ll give you the unbreakable oath, give you land to raise your own clan, and a permanent seat at my hearth-fire. You’ll be a close counselor in all that I do.”
“I’m sure that I told you I do not seek to rule over any clan. That includes one of my own,” said Loki. “Sons rise to usurp their fathers and tear down that which he took a lifetime to build. No, I’ll not have it.”
“Then what do you want?” asked Wodin.
“My freedom. I’ll be your blood-brother, have a seat at your hearth-fire, and advise you in all that you do. But I need my freedom. I cannot be ensnared by rule, oaths, or marriage. If ever there’s a time my freedom is at risk, you must swear an oath that you’ll make sure I stay free to travel Jotunnheim.” Wodin didn’t think about it, he simply agreed to Loki’s demand.
Loki took some time to think about his task. It’d take powerful magic to help him in his endeavor. He knew magic had rules and limitations. Even the most skilled can bend them, but could never break them. For example, he couldn’t have a Troll-Hag transmute him into a Dwarf. He was a Jotunn and several feet too big to stuff into smaller magic frame. Loki was big, but he was also clever. More so than most of his kind, that was why Wodin put him to the task. Loki was able to think outside of the box, so to say. And he knew that sometimes magic was knowledge or wisdom that isn’t understood by the common folk. 
A piece of knowledge that wasn't commonly known was that Loki understood Dwarf culture and custom. Dwarfs are known for many wondrous things. They love knowledge for knowledge sake and are curious to a fault. When given something to wonder over, they’ll obsess over it until they have found the answer. Loki, then, knew how he would get into the main stronghold of the Dwarfs. He knew what he needed to take and he understood the full consequences of it should it ever be known he had a hand in stealing it. Loki also understood that, at some point, it would need to be returned. And so, Loki schemed to make a war that everyone could win.
The first step in Loki's plan was to visit a Troll sorceress by the name of Vinarah. She was well known among her people to be the most knowledgeable in the magic art of Trolls. So, when she told him she wouldn't help him, Loki went to the 23rd most powerful sorceress of the trolls; Corgen. She didn't say no because Corgen had something to prove. "If I do this for you," she said. "I want something in return; three somethings." The two were conspiring in her little house over ale and cheese.
Loki nodded. "Obviously. I wouldn't do it for nothing either."
"I want everyone to know that it was my magic. But not until after everything is settled," said Corgen.
"I'm not a skuld," said Loki.
"No, but you know many persons of several different clans who will appreciate the work I put in," she said. "Then, I want you to introduce me to someone. I'm very lonely-"
"For the love of the Nine! Do I look like a matchmaker, woman?" asked Loki.
"You do today," she replied. "Thirdly, I want a small treasure. Mine can be a small piece of jewelry, something that wouldn't be noticed in the distraction of the larger, more important thing."
"I don't like where this web is weaving," mumbled Loki.
"It doesn't matter if you like it or not. Fact is I'm probably the only sorceress who is willing to help and keep their mouth shut about it. So, do you want this to happen or not?" Corgen asked.
"I think you have me by the metaphoricals, my dear," said Loki. "I agree to your terms."
Corgen pushed a mug towards him. “Now, have a drink and tell me truthfully. Do you expect this to go according to your plan?”
Loki grabbed the mug. “When does it ever go “according to plan? No, I expect there to be countless obstacles. But the idea is that the majority come out better in the end. Otherwise, I don’t think I could live with myself.” Loki took a deep drink.
“Then why agree to it in the first place, Loki?”
He wiped his mouth with his sleeve. “Because I knew that if I didn’t, he would have found someone else. And like I said, if it’s going to happen, I would like it to happen with some positive results for somebody. Every male Jottun worth his salt knows he will have to make up with the wife eventually. This is my way of ensuring that will happen as smoothly as possible.” Loki sat the mug on the table and played with it. “I have an idea and an outline, maybe I can make up the rest as I go along. That’s the best I got.”

First Chapter of "Tale of the Three Loki's"

Friday, January 31, 2020

Treasure of the Master

Loki is waiting for Thor and he's late.

So fishing through some old papers, I came across some old things of Master Mikal's. I imagine they came into my possession when his wife, Ginger, gave a box of things to Fiona. And I fished through the box for mementos. I found this picture, two songs, and some black fabric. I thought I had lost these items. But behold! Here they be.

I thought I would share them here. The Black Bull is one of his. He drew it. Master Mikal was an art teacher after all. So, I'm not shocked about the drawing. In addition, I would listen to Master Mikal talk about Loki, who was his favorite. So, the subject matter doesn't surprise me either.

The first song is Calontir Sings for Battle. I have never heard of it. Calontir doesn't sing it (this is definitely not the top five greatest hits) so I don't know the tune. I doubt anyone knows the tune (probably lost to time) and it very well may be what he considered a "failure" But it should be saved and shared to show that Masters must begin somewhere. And they have had some bad eggs of creation too. So here we go:

(Chorus) Now the kingdoms hear our voices, Listen to the war-drums' rattle
Crying out for power and glory, Calontir sings for battle

Up then brothers; take your spear, Join the host of Calontir
Nobles marching side by side, Let our Foeman hear our pride


Gather Fyrdmen on the field, Ready with the Spear and Shield
They will hear the battle cry, in our songs as we march by


Summon Huscarls from the land, Ready with a blade in hand
We will make the woodlands ring, with the songs that we will sing


Call the Knights and Masters bold, Ready weapons Meet the foe
With their fellows of the shield, As we sing "We will not yield"


When this army takes the field, know the weapons we will wield
Wall of shields to make us strong, and the power in our songs. 

Yeah, it's not good. It's one of his early works. And like I said, Masters have to start somewhere. So, whenever I feel like I could've done better, wrote a stinker, or just plain failed. I think back to this little gem. I don't feel so stupid.

So, here is the second treasure. And believe me, there is NO glitter or gold here. It stinks worse than the first. The name of this one is Look to the East!

In a land of wonder, an age of strife
Honor and Courage is what we live by
But men from the West of honor they knew not
Death and destruction is what they proclaim

Look to the East
Look to the East
Look to the East where the cold wind blows
The Lion has come from across the sea
To a place in my homeland

Holy men told us of battle to come
 To ready our forces
To asl Allah for strength
And I was a young man
A warrior I was not
A sweetheart I did have
To war she was lost


And then I knew what I must do
I donned on my armor, gave Allah my soul
And to my horse, into battle, we rode
My sword tasted blood
and the dead knew my name


We are the warriors of time and sand
We are the people that time cannot bend
Our lives are foretold in the pages of man
For we are the warriors of the desert sands


The Master teaches beyond his resting place. Master Mikal the Ram showed me that not everything I do is going to be good. Sometimes, its gonna stink like Innolwoda Kaka! But that ok. We rise above. Go forth and do better, Helena. He never said that but I always imagine that he did.