My To-do list

v  Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Ø  1 Julia Christina Counseling video
Ø  1 Charisma On Command video
Ø  1 Christina Lopes Heart Alchemist video

v  Spiritual Therapy
Ø  Freyja Norling Nordic Craft video
Ø  Man of Letters video

v  Learn Tennis
Ø  Tennis Tv video

v  Keep the hobby alive since I can’t actually do the act of it
Ø  French Cooking Academy
Ø  Maangchi
Ø  Check watch later and craft it save list

v  Explore Country Music
Ø  Add to the “Any Hank will do “ playlist list
Ø  Research  1 artist

v  Read/Listen book
Ø  Daily Sci fi = subscribed
Ø  Youtube = Adega_Outlaw

v  Yoga
Ø  Mat Project

v  Pop Culture upkeep
Ø  Egotastic Funtime
Ø  Orville Nation
Ø  Zee Bashew
Ø  Mann Shorts
Ø  O.G Star Wars
Ø  Axanar
Ø  Axanar Comics
Ø  According to Christi
Ø  Ambassador Kosh
Ø  Sci-fi Nation
Ø  Entertainment Hacker
Ø  Stone Loki
Ø  The Authenticator

v  Learn Writing
Ø  Snowflake Method
Ø  Story Grid

v  Learn Self Image
Ø  Currently searching for a good creator and channel for:
§  Make up
§  Hair styling
§  Fashion tips
Ø  Practice by playing dress up (no, I’m not joking)
Ø  Re read Barbizon handbook & do the stuff in the book

v  Personal Care
Ø  Treatments for hair, skin, and nails

v  Physical Training
Ø  Goal: complete Tom’s Run by November 2020

v  Journal/Archive
Ø  Personal Log
Ø  Dream journal
Ø  Book of Shadows

v  Basic Quarters
Ø  Care and maintenance of personal space

v  Art Projects (for December its xmas gifts)
Ø  Dreamcatchers
Ø  Tee shirts
Ø  Oak Stave

v  Learn Language
Ø  Scheduled to begin January 2020

v  House Chores
Ø  Care and maintenance of communal spaces

v  Manuscript
Ø  Lies Loki told me anthology
Ø  The Myth of Echo
Ø  Loki’s Mysterious Journey South (Prequel to Echo)
Ø  The Ninth Tessellation
§  The Anaxi letter
§  Re-entry

v  ASMR needs
Ø  Keep up with affirmations
Ø  Create new updated affirmations

v  Bun_time
Ø  Spend time with Tabasco
Ø  Or Zoe. But mostly Tabasco

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