Thursday, October 22, 2015

Delphi Algorithm, Part 2: Identity Confirmed

Janice, is there enough information on the flash drive to match it up to similar programs,” He asked.

I would need specific perimeters, Sir,” replied Janice.

He thought for a moment. “Well, if this program is similar to my Multiverse engine, then part of this program will analyze possible outcomes of reality” he said. “If we assume that this program does the same thing, and it got into the wrong hands, the program could be used for personal gain.” He thought for a moment. “Janice, could this program be used in gambling?”

Yes, it is possible,” replied Janice.

Then best place to start is...”

The city of Las Vegas, Sir,” said Janice.

Funny piece of trivia, Janice. Las Vegas isn't actually in an State,” He said.

Yes, I am aware of that, Sir.” replied Janice. “Sir, 20 of the 31 Casinos on the Las Vegas strip are owned by two companies. None of which are linked to any current criminal activity.”

No, they wouldn't be. Strictly speaking, it isn't illegal,” he said.

What do you mean, Sir?” asked Janice.

Counting cards by one individual isn't strictly illegal. A group of people is though,” he said.

You are referencing the MIT students, Sir. I am knowledgeable of that incident,” said Janice.

But what if we aren't talking about a person?” He said, thinking out loud.

I do not follow, Sir,” said Janice.

Well, I hope I am wrong,” he said. “Janice, of the remaining 11 Casinos, which ones are Lexcorp or Wayne Enterprises?”

There was a short moment of silence. “LexCorp owns two in the Las Vegas Area. Wayne Enterprises does not own any gambling establishments in Las Vegas. They do own three in Atlantic City, and Four in Gotham. One in Kansas City.”

Here?” he asked. “Wayne Enterprises has a Casino in Kansas City?”

Yes, on the Missouri side. LexCorp owns one here as well,” replied Janice.

Janice, are there any new casinos in the Kansas City Area with cooperate links to Vegas?”

Yes, Sir. It opened two months ago near the Legends and Speedway,” said Janice.

I think we just found our Holy Grail, Janice,” he said, smiling. “And it's in our own backyard. Janice, I am going to need to run the Multiverse program,” he said.

But Sir, it's not fully functional. You are missing several key...”

I am aware of that Janice. But I need to get into the main server to look for that missing piece. That means I need access. That means getting into the casino. Maybe others can bust down the door, repel bullets or punches, but I am just another dude off the block. I do not have money to protect me like Bruce. I do not have journalist job like Clark, and I certainly do not have a super computer like Stark. I am just one guy with a little brains and SOME tech. I need an advantage and mine is the program. Boot it up and give me what it can give me,” he said, frustrated.

Knowledge is power, Sir,” replied Janice. “I wouldn't call you “just another dude.”

Yeah, yeah,” he responded, turning to his computer screen.

The computer screen lit up. “Identification required,” said a different computer voice from the speakers. “You have five seconds.” He quickly grabbed an old, and highly modified, viewmaster. He put it to his face and clicked at the keyboard. “Identity confirmed. Welcome, Red Scope.”

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Delphi Algorithm Incident, part 1

He sat at the table surrounded by wires and gears. His hands made quick work with the soldering gun to motherboard he was working on. Then, he sat back and nodded at the complete work. He picked it up and inserted it slowly into the computer rack. He shut the case, plugged it in, and turned it on.

The computer booted up and a computerized, disembodied voice boomed from the speakers on the wall. “Good Morning, Sir. How's it hanging?” asked the female voice.

Wow! You're loud, Janice. Let me turn that down a bit,” he said, reaching out to the keyboard.

Decibel level at 65,” said the Janice. “Are you sure you want me that loud?”

How else will I be able to hear you from the bathroom?” he asked, getting up and heading into another room.

You could just install me in the bathroom as well, Sir.”

Are you crazy? I have seen Oddessy 2001. I need somewhere to hide from you,” he said, laughing. “I still don't trust that Lex model 451 I installed last year.”

You're insight on that is baffling, Sir. That model software has been re written by you twice. I am sure you have gotten all the bugs out..”

Yeah?” He said. “But I still don't know if Lex backdoor software is completely gone. Better safe than sorry.” He closed the door to the bathroom. “Janice, what's the news today?'

Metcalf and Antioch had another accident today,” said Janice.

He opened the door. “Is that a confirmed or a reported,” he asked.

Checking records,” said Janice. There was whirring and clicking sounds. “The accident is not confirmed.”

He dashed out of the bathroom, his face half covered with shaving cream. “How long ago?”

Approximately two hours and fifteen minutes,” reported Janice.

Shit! Get the bike booted up,” He said, in a hurry. He threw on his jacket. and ran to the elevator. “Janice, what is the traffic like now?”

Janice voice boomed as the elevator doors closed. “The traffic has returned to normal.”

He rode the elevator up and the doors opened into a small shed building. He ran to the bike and fired it up. The garage doors opened and he zoomed out.

He returned four hours later. The elevator doors opened. “Did you find anything today?” asked Janice.

He stepped out of the elevator doors and went to his table. He began to empty his pockets. “You would think that they would get wise by now and use another method of transporting the alien tech from New York to Arizona, Janice. I don't think I found anything big, but there were a few items of worth.”

Transport of tech by train is a valid and safe method in comparison to flight, Sir. Otherwise, Project Paperclip would have been flown in.” replied Janice.

Don't lecture me on Project Paperclip, again Janice,” he said.

So, noted, Sir.” said Janice as he put the last component on the table.

 “Although...” He picked a a very small and charred flash drive and looked at it closely. “I don't remember anything about LexCorp being involved with Stark Industries.”

There is no documented case of LexCorp involved in creating components for Stark Industries,” said Janice.

Then what is this?” he said, holding up the flash drive. The case of the flash drive at one point had a clear Stark Industries logo, but the, now exposed, metal of the drive itself had the clear label of LexCorp. “Get Alpha on the phone, would you?'

There was a moment of silence before a voice appeared. “Hello, Janitor. What mess did you find today?”

Good Morning Alpha. I found a a little mess made by Lexcorp in a Stark Industries box on the Metcalf -Antioch location. I suspect that the information is fine.”

Was that a confirmed or reported incident?' asked Alpha.

Reported. So, I know something is up.” He turned and plugged in the flash drive to his external. “I just plugged it in. Let's look at it, shall we?” He looked at his computer monitor. “Oh look at it, it's encrypted. Isn't that cute?” He laughed. He plugged in a few commands and opened the file. The monitor exploded into information.

Janitor, it appears that this file is a partial file to one that was lost two months ago by Wayne Industries,” said Alpha. “If you say your box has Stark Industries logo, then It would be wise to say that there is a bit of corporate espionage going on.”

Do you recognize the file? What are they trying to steal?”

Between the alien attacks, the sloppy S.H.I.E.L.D. tactical flying in the sky, and our own government, it could be anything,” said Alpha. “There isn't anyone trustworthy enough to clean it all up.” There was a moment of silence. “Well, according to our information, this is a portion of an encrypted file labeled, Delphi Algorithm. I have never heard of it. I'll have our people look into it. Call me when your investigation gives you a better lead.”

Copy that, Alpha,” he said.

Janice hung up the phone. “Sir, shall I run part of the program?”

What part is that, Janice?”

Some of the Algorithm appears to be similar to your Multiverse program,” said Janice.


The portion of possible outcomes due to variant activity can easily be extrapolated by a set of...”

Janice! I know the math. What part excactly? Show me on the monitor.” He yelled.

Janice went quiet and he looked at the monitor. It was a picture of him on the monitor. “Janice! Show the DATA on the monitor.” He yelled again.

Janice giggled. The monitor blinked for a moment. Then, long lines of data began to scroll down. It stopped and Janice highlighted the portion of data. “This paragraph of data is identical to your multiverse program. I have also highlighted additional lines that are similar but not exact. As you can see, sir, it is has many similarities to your software.”

He sat back and sighed. “This is big, Janice. There is something big here and I don't know what it means.”

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How Hades won Atlantis

There was a time, in the beginning days of the Gods, that Terra experienced an age of ice. It had come from the north, trying to smother the land. It had also pushed the Northmen southward. This age was one of the few times that the Divine united to stand against the Ice Gaints of the North from swallowing the world. It was a hard war for all sides. When the ice and snow receded, the landscape had changed. The Northmen returned home and all was well for a short time. It was Hades who noticed that the land was changed into his favor.

Atlantis! It was the Jewel of the Sea and Poseidon's Eye. The city was placed on a large island connected to the mainland by a long and wide, sandy stretch of land. When the tide was in, the land bridge was covered by seawater. When the tide was out, it was a bridge that men used to bring the labors of land to the city. The people revered Poseidon there. But they also revered Hades and Zeus in equal measure. The city was well known to harbor a great fishing industry. It was common to find treasures of the sea in the marketplace. There was an abundance of food provided by the sea but also pearls, coral, and precious metals that washed up on the coastline. A great salt industry could also be found there. These goods were traded out into the world and made Atlantis one of the most wealthy city states of Greece.

As the world warmed and the ice of the north faded, the level of the sea began to rise. The people of Atlantis soon faced a great choice. Do something to hold back the sea or risk losing their wonderful city. The most wealthy and noble families of Atlantis gathered together. The summit ended with a plan to build walls to hold back the rise of the sea. They spent vast amounts of time and wealth. At the end of the project, they had extended and built walls to protect the city like no other before it. Atlantis became the brightest jewel of the Greek cities.

During the end of the season, twelve night feast of the Gods on Olympus, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus sat together drinking. They spent most of the evening retelling the Tales of the Great Ice War. The tales turned into boasting. As the drink and the night wore on, the talk turned from boasting in battle to boasting about the wealth of their city states. Very soon, the talk switched to Atlantis and the fantastic wealth the city had to offer.

And in one season, to thank me for the favor I have shown them from the bounty of my realm, they sacrificed twenty bulls! Twenty!” said Poseidon.

I also saw twenty bulls sacrificed in my Temple there,” said Zeus. “They also built a new statue to me and placed it in front of the courthouse. In its right hand, a solid silver lightening bolt. It gleems in the sun.”

They carved out a new cavern in my Temple, under the city,” said Hades. “The walls are hewn with marble and paintings of great beauty. On the day it was finished, I also saw twenty sacrificed bulls, one of them white. It was pleasing.”

Poseidon nodded. “That sounds very pleasing indeed brother. But I have to say, that Atlantis likes me best of all.”

Why would you say that?” asked Hades. “They do not love you best.” He took another drink. “The city isn't even yours. It's mine.”

The city is surrounded by water, the city does not belong to you, it belongs to me,” argued Poseidon.

No, they built the walls to hold back the water. That city is under sea level yet on land, according to the treaty and by definition that city belongs to me.” said Hades.

Zeus and Poseidon looked at Hades. “What?”

Look at the treaty! It speaks for itself. That city is on land, not in the sea and not at ground level. Nor is it on a hilltop or mountain. The ice changed what it was before. Now, the city belongs to me according to the treaty definition of who gets what,” said Hades coolly. “One good shake and that island will collapse on itself anyway. I could bury that island and make it completely underground if I wanted. Then there would be no doubt about its ownership.”

You speak without thought, brother,” spouted Poseidon. His face was getting redder by the second. “Atlantis wouldn't even be what it is if I had not blessed the harbors....”

Harbors?” objected Hades back. “It has a land bridge. It wouldn't be anything without that bridge to trade that fish with the mainland.”

And that bridge is underwater half the time! I can just as easily take the sand and move it away!” yelled Poseidon.

That would violate the treaty and you know it! The alteration of land masses by the Gods is strictly forbidden and you know why!Atlantis was not altered by the Gods, it was altered by the Ice Giants of the North!”

Poseidon stood up, knocking over his cup, the wine jug, and the table it sat on. “Who are, in fact, offspring of Titans and mankind! Making them, Godlike in Nature. So, the treaty doesn't apply in this case! Atlantis remains as a seaport and under my patronage!”

If that is the case, then Atlantis is mine!” yelled Zeus. “Because the island started out on a hill, well above sea level. I am the King, I get what I want, so it's mine!”

You cannot have everything you want,” the two brothers yelled at Zeus.

You will find that I do,” said Zeus.

You didn't get Demeter's maidenhood, like you wanted,” responded Hades. “I ended up with that.” Zeus's hair stood up on end and little electric shocks passed around the tips. Hades just grinned at Zeus, showing as many teeth as possible.

Hera, Demeter, and Hestia stood up from across the room. “Mine is bigger than yours?” yelled Hestia. “Really? Do you have to be such children?”

They started it!” yelled Zeus, pointing at his brothers.

Demeter facepalmed. Hestia's eyes widened and she shook her head. Hera glared at her husband.

What?” said all three together.

We justended a war and you three want to start another!” yelled Hera. The three men went silent. “I suggest you find another way to settle your argument other than fighting it out! Or so help you Zeus, I will make sure you won't see another cycle!” The three ladies stared the drunk men down.

Athene stood up. “Father, would you consider a game to settle the argument?” The room looked at Athene. “ A vow to honor the outcome, no matter who wins. Vow, not to go to war, no matter the outcome. And a vow to leave it alone, once complete.” Athene turned to the Goddesses. “You three should be witness.”

What game?” asked Zeus.

Bocce Ball,” said Athene. “Ten frames, winner take all.”

That sounds good!” said Poseidon. “I am going to win!”

All three Gods made vows to honor Athene suggestion. The Three Goddess handed out the balls. Zeus held silver balls, Poseidon held golden balls, Hades took onyx balls. Hestia threw out the point ball and the gods began their games.

Of course, at the end of the ninth frame, it was all tied up. Each god had three points. At the final frame, Hades had one ball left. Poseidon was the closest to the point ball. Hades took a deep breath, took aim, and let loose. The onyx ball hit the ground and rolled. It made a sharp curve and pulled right up next to Poseidon's ball, millimeters to the front. Before anyone could speak, Poseidon let out a roar of rage. Hades ball shifted slightly by the enormous quake of the ground. Poseidon's golden ball moved slightly forward, while pushing Hades Onyx ball slightly back.

You cheated!” yelled Hades, making a dive for Poseidon. “You temperamental diaper baby!” Hades didn't get very far in his anger for Poseidon. The Goddesses stepped in and held him back.

Poseidon just laughed at Hades. “Looks like the diaper baby won the match! And there isn't a damn thing you can do about it, either!” Poseidon roared with laughter. Hades tried to get at Poseidon but the Goddesses held him back and the quaking earth prevented it from happening.

Hades stopped trying. The goddesses let him him go. “Fine. It's Fine. I am not a cheater. So I will have my honor intact! But you, Poseidon, are a cheater, just like your brother!”

Your taunt means nothing, Hades! I win and that is all that matters!” yelled Poseidon. “Now, Let's have a look at my prize!” Poseidon went to the scry pool in the center of the courtyard. He looked in. His went went limp and turned pale.

What's wrong? Have you lost the ability to make more lame remarks?” asked Hades.

Poseidon just shook his head head. “But...but...but..I won.”

The Gods gathered around the scrying pool. The image was horrible. The entire island of Atlantis had collapsed. The thunderous earthquake that Poseidon has used to win, had caused a Tsunami that swallowed the island. The weight of the water and the city, caused the surface to collapse into the caverns of Hades Temple, under the city. Then, the city collapsed again under the ocean floor, into a rift that opened only for a split second, then closed up again.

Hades slowly looked up at Poseidon. He pointed and began to laugh at the Sea-God. “You didn't win anything!” said Hades. “You cheated and Fate decided! It's mine!” He laughed harder. “Your pride destroyed Atlantis! You are the biggest baboon of them all!”

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rayism for the Dm

The DM is to read aloud the portions labeled “read aloud”

The follower goes through a ceremony much like Communion. In which they imbibe a portion of Pixie wine. I have been told that the follower in question is a minotuar.

About Pixie Wine. Usually, it only takes a small cup 4-6 oz to cause the vision quest. But if the follower is larger than human sized, the amount will have to vary. For a minotaur, his constitution score is really high. So, he might have to drink the whole bottle. Basically, if the follower succeeds the first fortitude save, the vision quest fails. The follower must fail the fortitude save to trip balls in order for the vision quest to continue.

Pixie wine is pretty potent. 4-6 oz can render a non-fey creature paralyzed and comatose. Depending on the amount of failure could lead to death because the imbiber will never wake up. A fey creature (pixie, fairy, elf, ect.) can drink pixie wine as normal, just with a bit of extra kick. But for a non-fey creature it can be deadly. For those who don't wake up, the priests wrap the bodies in the fetal position. They allow the body to mummify and put the body of the follower in a compartment in the catacombs underneath the Temple. The follower is neither alive nor dead and can be resurrect if the Temple comes under attack or needs defended in some manner.

For each ounce of Pixie Wine imbibed, a gives a -3 to fortitude for non-fey creatures. Each bottle holds only 10 oz of Pixie wine. The DC rating for a single ounce is 20. The follower must fail the DC by no less than 7 points but no greater than 10. (A Vinson quest will happen if the sum of the save is between 19-13) If the follower succeed the fortitude, they do not attain a vision. Fail by greater than ten, you trip balls and die.

The second, and unknown by the temple, is a concentrate save. The follower (who is now tripping) must think happy thoughts. This is where the followers of Rayiusm discover “tier happy place.” This place is necessary for any future activates that include not thinking about anything except the “happy place”

Example for use:

Ask a follower, “Will it work?” The follower shrugs and smiles. The follower is in “his happy place” he doesn't know if it will work, he doesn't it won't work, as long as he stays in his happy place it has a higher chance of happening. He can't be in doubt, because shit will fall apart. So the follower goes to his happy place and ignores everything. The “thing” works.

The Happy Place” can be a place that the individual creates on his own. But during the vision quest, he must describe it to the DM. Cause it is fun and it better be creative and imaginative.

If it isn't something. If you have to force or coerce the player to describe it, then he must make a Will save. Failing a Will save will begin to convert the Happy Place into a nightmare. The character will fail the vision quest and will die.

The follower has found his happy place, he is seeing the colors of Chakras and their movements, Does he see Ray? Most commonly not. BUTon extremely rare occasions, like the one we will see here, Ray makes an appearance. These special people are called “The Listener.” The Minotuar will be the first character to become “the Listener.” The Temple will want to push him so that he reaches priesthood, and will eventually become one of the highest priests, along side, Mercy, Compass, Veil, and Wisdom. The Listener will interpret vision of Adepts vision quests in the future. So remember DM, the Temple will be constantly asking this character to do shit.

Read this to follower as the Dm play In -godda- divita:

As you are meditating cross legged on the floor, you begin to see colors appear all around you. You are now in a 1960's tie dyed sea of vibrant rainbows. All crossing and moving within and around and through each other. Skittle eating, rainbow ponies vomited into a lava lamp, and you are inside the lava lamp.

A bright white crack splits the flowing rainbow. It widens creating a soft light that is more gentle on your eyes. From the white light steps out an elf. He has dark green hair all messy on his head. He is wearing a brown duster, trench coat thing, that matches the brown of his eyes. He steps through and squints at the follower.

Who the...(belches loudly)...are you?” he asks.

Don't let the character finish his response

Nevermind, forget I asked. I'll just call you “The Listener” he says. “Um..So I guess you are a follower or something. Seriously? You bought into that stuff?”

Do not let the character finish a response

Well, good for you, I guess,” he says. “But since you did, I guess that is good for me. I need a couple things and I can't get them myself. I gotta...” he points to the white light.” a thing. There's a thing and I gotta do it. Kinda time sensitive. So..yeah. You get these things for me, I will do my thing, and maybe the world won't explode into the nether regions.” He shrugs. “Trust me that you don't want that. Those guys are asshats..usually...normally...kinda...okay maybe not all, but a lot of them.”

He pulls out a notebook. “Okay, so I need Ironite.” The elf looks back up at the follower. “Which you can ask the dwarfs for some, or a locatoin where you can find it. I'll need a lot! I mean a lot! As much as you can get your hands on. Find it, bring to the Temple. I'll have my guy pick it up.” He looks back down at his notebook. “And I will need A pair of Ethereal Boots.” He looks back up at the follower. “Which you would think I could get my hands on, being a weird deity, I guess, but I really don't have the time to convince a wizard to do it. And necromancers are just assholes.” He looks back down at his notebook. “And I need..” he pauses and groans. The elf turns to the bright light and says, “Do I really have to say this?” There is a moment of silence, then the elf sighs. “Fine.” He turns back to the follower. “I hate to do, but I am under contractual obligations.” He clears his throat and his voice echoes deeply. “An egg with no chick that blinks and peeps, Made of metal that is not metal, a maze in the hand that beeps.” The elf shrugs. “Sorry but that's all you get.” He puts his notebook in his pocket and turns to leave. As he steps through the light, he sticks his head back out of the crack and says, “By the way, you may want to think happy thoughts, cause if you're tripping balls like you are supposed to, that's the only way to succeed your next fortitude save to return to reality.” He disappears into the light. As the crack begins to close, you can still hear his voice. “At least, your reality anyway. Funny how that works out...” The crack is sealed up and colors return to the rainbow vomit lava lamp.

So, now the follower must make a concentration check and another fortitude save to return. This time the follower must succeed the roll to wake up.

For DM only,

Ironite is aluminum. It can be found in the wasteland, dwarfs won't have as much as Ray needs, and “The Circuit” will have some too. But since you have yet to be introduced to the Circuit, you won't get what you need from them. You already have a sense of what the wasteland is, so use it.

The “egg” is a navigation unit from an aircraft. That was what we were superposed to retrieve when we went into the wasteland the first time. At least that was what Ray was looking for. The combination to the lock to the Thri-kreen too.

The Nutural Side of Tarkazia: Rayism, part 3

This is a Gnu, if you didn't know.
Our world is a funny place. Back in 2007, it was made funny for us in particular because of “No Gnus is Good Gnus.” The funny increased as Ray adventured through Tarkazia from late 2007 until present. Never once, as the DM, did I ever imagine that Rayism would be “a thing.” But today, as a laugh, my son and I Googled “rayism” and discovered something bigger.

When an immoral, unprincipled person makes an absurd statement that contradicts all the evidence in the hope of 'blinding' people (like the rays of the sun) from the truth. A rayism is most often used by an unscrupulous boss who persecutes staff to hide his own failings. Because a rayism makes ridiculous claims, it tends to convince nobody except the person making the statement. - Urban Dictionary

I would not say that Ray, as a character, is immoral or unscrupulous. I would say he was “unconcerned” or “uninvolved.” I would even go so far to say that he was “unmotivated.” But Ray does have morals. They are strange, but they are there.

For example, his perception is broader than most characters. If the adventuring group was sent to kill a group of “bad Goblins” Ray would be the one in the group to ask “why are they “evil”? If Ray didn't think that the behavior of goblins was evil, he would not participate in eradicating the goblins. He may, instead, try to help the goblins. Or help both parties reach some beneficial compromise. Ray would not be above lying or manipulating to accomplish a goal that he believed would be beneficial for everybody. Ray would have no problem with stealing if the outcome is positive for greater number of being. Ray would have no problem becoming the villain to unite two warring factions or beings.

It is in thatbehavior that his character stays within his own alignment, which is true natural. Most often, when a DM is faced with True Nutural characters, they portray them as indecisive or completely uninvolved. As an experienced Dm, I disagree with the majority of that. Mainly because hermits, monks, or druids will eventually be forced to make a decision despite the fact that they are “isolated” or try to make themselves “isolated.”

The biggest and most prominent example of this “True Natural Isolation” is the Elves of Middle Earth. The Elves hadto eventually become involved because evil and chaos does not respect boundaries.The elves hadto become involved because they were a part of that world. When they figured out that they could not live in Middle Earth and not be involved with it, they ran away. I am speaking along the lines of their involvement during the Second age of Middle Earth (the first battle in which Sauron had his hand cut off). Between the end of the Second Age and the middle of the Third Age, the elves experienced a drop in birth rate to zero! Arwyn was the last Elf to be born in Middle Earth, which made her younger than Legolas. The Elves knew they had to leave to preserve their race. The War of the Third Age made that a concrete and extreme decision. That is why the Elves were leaving during The Return of the King.

So, even those who go out of their way to be Isolationists, will eventually become
involved in the affairs of the rest of the world, whether they want to not. And those who do not make decisions or hesitate to long will, by default, allow evil and chaos to take over. Ray and those who follow Rayism know this.

Here's the rub, Ray and the followers of Rayism also know that there is no way to eradicate Evil and Chaos from the world. It will neverhappen. So, by allowing somechaos and evil into the world, a being can contain it's affects and effects on those who dwell in it. There is not anything that Ray will not do to attempt to balance that.

For example, Ray and the group did get approached by a human village to eradicate a group of goblins that had camped in the forest. The goblins were hijacking food transports and doing other “bandit” things. Ray and the group went into the forest and found the camp. But the Goblins were in horrible conditions. They were starving. Ray captured one of of the Goblins and asked him what happened to them. The Goblin explained that they had been displaced from their home in the mountains by Dwarfs who wanted their caves because of the resources the Dwarfs wanted to mine out. The Dwarfs had almost killed them all off. The Goblins were survivors of an attack of greed.

Ray went back to talk to the village. The humans were unwilling to help the Goblins. It had everything to do with race. Humans are “supposed” to hate goblins. Human and Goblins do not “live in harmony.”

Ray and the group reacted by burning down the villages grainy and burning up the Goblins meager store of food. Both the Humans and the Goblins got mad!The Humans and the Goblins elected diplomats and held a discussion. They united together to get food stores before the winter months set in and worked together to put a price on Ray's head.

Was it morally or ethically correct to burn the food? Maybe.
Were the results of that act beneficial to the world as a whole? Yes.
Does Ray feel bad for being a villain? No.
Is Ray afraid because there is a price on his head? No.

Ray figures this, “I will leave the area for a couple generations. I am an Elf. I will live longer than their memory. I'll be fine.”

Ray often makes statements that, at first glance, make no sense or are completely unfounded in intelligence and/or wisdom. These are the cases in which I compare Ray to The Doctor. Is Ray talking out loud to himself, lying to make himself feel better? Or is it that he is telling the group that something will work even if logic demands its failure? Is he lying to the group to keep up moral so that they don't doom everything they encounter?

The truth is that Ray doesn't even know. Seriously, he has no idea. He is taking a gamble every time he opens his mouth. Ray figures if he looks, acts, and talks like he knows what is going on, everyone will believe it. Because it is believed, it happens. Because the Purple magic is based on belief and nothing more. The more a being believes, the more likely it happens. It is a loop that builds upon itself until it reaches a “religion.” That is why in Khemair, Ray is a God. Because the people of Khemair believe it to be so. How else could that curse be lifted, if it weren't a God in human form?

Ray doesn't know if anything will work because, he has an idea that, the more belief in something the greater the chances of it happening. So, he started to lie to himself, then he lied to the group. The actions and words of the group, make it spread through the land. Bards tell the tale, people begin to believe it. Making it more and more possible for the impossible to happen, even when Ray doesn't want it too.

So, the level of success is beyond Ray's knowledge because it all depends on what people and how muchthey believe in it. So, Ray truly has no clue if it will work or not. He is perpetually in that quantum place where things happen, not happen, and already happened at the same time; just like the Doctor. So, Ray is, is not, and was at the same time. Hence the appearance of a little known creature who appears to the group as a little, brown-haired boy. Or in the case of the Doctor, the weeping angels. But instead of feeding on potential energy, the race of the little boy, feeds on improbability energy.

So, to sum up. The Urban Dictionary has it wrong and right at the same time. Which, in itself, is a Rayism. That is the funniest thing of all. Bringing the lesson or moral of the story is “Believe in the impossible for the improbable to happen”

Thursday, July 30, 2015

More about Rayism

Adepts to Rayism are introduced to a a discipline known only as “Coins Edge”

Adepts are taught that Ray is the physical embodiment of the coins edge

Adepts are expected to be true natural.

Adepts are taught that Rayism is not a psionic power. It is not magic. It is not sorcery. It is not divine. Rayism and the benefits of it are trained abilities, skills, and feats. There are requirements but, for the most part, anybody can learn them.

Adepts are taught that these abilities are based on chakras and the ki that flows between them. The abilities taught by the Temple of Ray can block or unblock flows of Ki throughout the body, mind, soul, and physical environment.

Adept- lvl 1- Success touch attack gives +1
Apprentice- lvl 2- successful touch attack gives +2
Student- lvl 3- And so forth...
Disiple- lvl 4
Master- lvl 5
Preist- lvl 6

It is during the vision quest and from the pixie drink that the chakras of the body, mind, soul, and environment are revealed to the adept. The vibrant colors “of the trip” never leave the follower. A follower of Rayism can see all the colors, including purple, within perception of the follower and can see them flowing and changing. The follower doesn't see them all the time.The follower can call it up and dismiss it at will. (I hope that made sense) Otherwise, the follower sees as he normally would given race, light, and whatever. Rayism doesn't take anything away from the follower, it only adds to his experiences.

Chakra 1- feet- black- foundation
Chakra 2- knees- brown -balance
Chakra 3- groin- red- seat
Chakra 4- mid torso- yellow- body
Chakra 5- chest- orange- heart
Chakra 6- arms- green- action
Chakra 7- throat- blue- communication
Chakra 8- forehead- indigo- thought
Chakra 9- top of head- violet- crown
Chakra 10- above the head- white- divine flow

+1 to what you ask? Well, look at the chart. A successful touch attack to block foundation means the opponent is more likely to trip. A successful touch attack to the throat rends open unable to speak. Use imagination. It is up to the DM.

A successful touch attack to friendly throat can case +1 to diplomacy or fast talking. Successful touch to friendly to forehead can case a +1 to intelligence or wisdom rolls.

By blocking or unblocking the flow of ki between points of the body will cause different things to in relator to what is being blocked. Successful block strike from a preist of Rayism to an opponents yellow chakra may cause kidney failure.

When reaching Student lvl, the follower will be taught a focus feat. For example, a preexist can, with successful “touch attacks” can block or unblock flows of Ki to focus a sudden burst of power to heal another part of the body. So he could block or unblock his own Ki to heal himself or he can block or unblock flows of Ki to heal another person, using the other's persons body. Basically, the priest can only use the personal KI to heal himself but he cannot use his personal Ki to heal another person. The priest can use the Ki flow of the other person to heal the other person, but could not heal himself using another's Ki flow. (I hope that made sense.)

Followers of Rayism cannot enchant items.


The followers of Rayism, who are in the upper rungs of Temple hierarchy, understand something that extremely few on this side of Tarkazia truly understand. The only way to make Technology work is with purple magic. That is the magic produced by “the Coins Edge” it is “magic” in the sense that it can be imbued on an object or being. The secret of that magic is that there isn't any magic in at all. Instead, it is viewed more or less like a improbability engine. The less likely it is to work, the more likely it will work for the follower. That is why it works.Which is the reason why, when a follower of Rayism is in doubt, shit falls apart. It is also the reason why when someone asks Ray if it will work, he shrugs and says nothing. Ray is Schrodinger's cat, he is dead and alive at the same time as long as no one answers the question. As long as he stays within the realm of knowing yet unknowing, it will work. If he answers straight forward with any answer, it will fail whether it was meant to work or not.

Followers of Rayism, unofficially support the faction called, “The Circuit.” This is mostly unknown to Adepts, Apprentices, and Students. When the follower attains Disciple, master, and priest, it is not unusual for “the Circuit” to appear and make an attempt to recruit.

False enchanted items are commonly found being sold by followers of Rayism. A false enchanted item is an item that is believedto be enchanted, behavesas if it is enchanted, but isn't enchanted at all. The “enchantment” comes from the beliefthat it is enchanted. It will always have a purple hue.

A false enchanted item will be believed it is enchanted if a successful bluff roll is made. I enjoy making players uncomfortable by having them tell me a story as to the how's and why's of an enchanted items creation. The better the story, the higher the chances of success.

Followers of Rayism need a good gambling skill rank. A lot of what they will do, will depend on that rank.

Followers of Rayism commonly pick up tinkering as well. The character doesn't haveto, but it is beneficial if they have something.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

No Gnus is Good Gnus: D&D and Rayism

The Four Laws of Rayism-

#1- Be ignorant in the pursuit of wisdom
#2- The gain of wisdom is always followed by the gain of ignorance
#3- Lie in the face of truth
#4- Be honest in the face of a lie

The Great One did not save Khemair but His Mercy allowed it to be saved.

He is Mercy and its duality.

His ignorance freed Khemair and His Wisdom allowed it to be saved.

He is Wisdom and its duality.

His actions did not save Kemair but his direction allowed Kemair to be saved.

He is the Compass to which we direct our actions.

His intentions are veiled But his actions were to be seen.

He is the veil.

There are a total of four preexists/priestess. Mercy, Wisdom, Compass, and Veil. There are the physical embodiment of the four virtues of Rayism. Mercy will will either block or unblock Mercy. Wisdom will block or unblock wisdom, intelligence, or things of the mind and spirit. Compass will either block or unblock personal direction. Veil will block or unblock truth, lies, intentions, motive.

The idea behind Rayism is the knowledge and acceptance that cycles will happen with or without interference from an outside source. Self aware beings can hinder or help the cycles as they progress. A seed will grow anywhere. But when a self aware being puts it in a certain place, at a certain time, and nurture it with resources, the plant has a better chance at life and procreation. As a self aware being, we can block the seeds growth and chances at procreation by denying it a certain place, certain time, and resources. And so it is with any living thing.

Rayism does not have a favored weapon. Whatever weapon the follower prefers is Rays favored weapon. Rayism requires a shield of some type. It can be magical, it can be kite, it can be a barrel lid. But the shield has to have the ability to block something.This “shield” can be a ring of protection, a helmet, a magic cape, it has to provide some protection from something.

The Mark of Rayism is a sun with its points as a compass. The “shield” must bear his mark.

Initiates must perform a ceremony that involves a quest to Ray's homeland. There they must retrieve a bottle of Pixie wine and bring it back to the temple.

Back at the temple, the initiate is dressed in white robes and sit vigil. Then, the night of the next day, the initiate will imbibe the a goblet of Pixie wine. The pixie wine will induce the initiate into a vision quest. The vision is unique to each individual. If the initiate survives the vision quest, they are welcomed into the temple community at sunrise. “Reborn” into the temple as an adept. There is a big party not involving the rest of the bottle of pixie wine.

Rayism does not have a favored enemy.

Rayism does give the follower “unlikely luck.” Basically, the more unlikely something is to happen, the more likely it will happen to and forthe follower. (It is like an improbability engine following them around) Keep in mind, that the moment the follower is in doubt, shit falls apart. The key of Rayism to accept almost anything that the game offers up and roll with those punches. Refer to Ray's origin story. That is his core personality. Oh, did you not hear about “No Gnu's is good Gnu's?” Okay, no shit there we were...

Our group was in a poor village. I don't even remember why we were there. But we had to retrieve something to lift a curse or something. We went trough the adventure, which was taxing on us, and brought back “the thing.” Anyway, so the people gathered in the center of the village, performed some spell or something. And then...

nothing happened.

As the group stood perplexed by the “nothing,” the villagers got angry and started to blame us for the “nothing.” My cleric said, “Wait, we didn't do anything to cause the nothing of your item.” The villagers were like all “well what didn't it work?” My cleric said something like, “Maybe it takes a little time. You need to wait. Sometimes, not knowing is the best thing for the problem.” Then, Ray says, “Yeah, No Gnu's is Good Gnu's” (Earlier that day, I had introduced Wesley to The Great Space Coaster and Gary Gnu.) Lorien, Wesley, and I are now laughing our asses off.

So, the DM says, “The Villagers don't get the joke. They all just look at each other and wonder what's funny.”

So, I say (and thus my cleric) Don't you know what a Gnu is?”

No,” says villager.

It's is an animal. Don't you have books in your school?” Says I (and thus my cleric.)

No, our village is too poor for books for the school.” says the “villager”

So, my cleric drops to her knees and prays aloud for knowledge of Gnu's. The DM wants a show of it. So, I get up off the couch, drop to my knees, throw my arms into the air, and say something like, “ Oh great and powerful deity! Bless this village with knowledge. For they lack the wisdom to know their ignorance. Bring forth and bless this poor yet noble village with knowledge of Gnus!”

The Dm is now laughing his ass off. He rolls. Then, he rolls again. And again, and again..while his laughing is getting harder and harder. Just before he is almost falling out of his chair, he looks up at us and says, “I can't believe this happening.”

What?” the players ask

As the cleric ends her prayer, the sky darkens. The clouds gather. You are now a witness to raining Gnus. There are Gnus falling out of the sky. And it is horrible.” He is laughing so hard! The characters are now running from angry villagers and Gnus.

Thus, we learned the true lesson of “No Gnus is good Gnus.”

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Wand

The Wand is about focusing energy and sending it out. In myth, folklore, fairytale, and legend there are plenty of examples of it. It is noteworthy to point out that The Wand doesn't have to be a short stick like seen in Harry Potter. A wand has many shapes and sizes. It can be a staff, which is a long piece of wood. It can be a wooden spoon from the kitchen. You may find all kinds of information on how to make your own, or what kind of tree is best. But just like in Harry Potter, the wand picks the wizard or witch. Instead of making your own, ask the divine to grant you one.

In Tarot, the depictions of wands are all about focusing energy towards a goal or challenge. As you get further into research about “things of divine gifts,” you will see that many people want to shadow “arcane knowledge” into something dramatic and mystical. The truth is there isn't anything dramatic or mystical about it.

The “Theater” of Tarot comes from the turn of the century when spiritualism was becoming very popular. The craft was filled with frauds and hooligans trying to separate the customer from their money. They would use parlor tricks in a dimly lit room to make the costumer believe that the diviner's power came from the “other side.” Those who could make a show to prove their credibility had more customers, hence more wealth.

Harry Houdini was an avid non-believer because of the show. He felt that the illusions used by these fraudulent diviners wasn't fair to the customer. Harry didn't see that his illusions were dishonest because his patrons knew, when they came to a show, that it was a show. His illusions were a trick and the costumers knew that.

I agree with Harry. If a person wants to see a show, they go to a magician. If a person goes to have their cards read, it is because they are seeking advise. To cloud that in some dramatic show is to be dishonest.

Focus your reading on the questioner. The reading is not about you or how right you are. It isn't about showing off “your powers of divination.” It is also important to note that it isn't about “look at me and pay attention to my entertainment.” A reading is about a real person, with real problems, who is seeking help or advise. This person may be uncomfortable with therapy, or talking to someone they know about an issue. (Also note that you are not a therapist! If problems are about something that should beaddressed by a therapist, tell that person. Tell them that the cards say “seek therapy” even if the cards say something else. A well placed lie could save a person.) 

For the Tarot, The Wands, all wands, represent resources and energy. Each card tells a short one sentence story about what or how resources and energy are moving and/or not moving on your Masculine and Feminine paths. The Wands talk about tangible and intangible resources as they apply to four areas of living, Love, Career, Home, and Finance.  A resource could be knowledge or a 100 pound bag of wheat. The knowledge is feminine and intangible. The wheat is masculine and tangible. Both are resources that could be traded for currency or donated to/for love. Do you give the wheat to starving Uncle Joe? Do sell the wheat and give the money to Uncle Joe? Do you sell the wheat and keep the money but tell Uncle Joe where to go to get a job? Do you trade the wheat for repairs to your roof? Do you keep the wheat and save it for later? Do you donate the wheat to a homeless shelter? Do you grind the wheat and become a miller? Using this example is pretty endless one its own. The goal of The Wands is to help assess where the resources and energy need to go or not go.

The Cups- dreaming, planning, researching, vision, deciding on a goal
The Wands- resources, energy, focus, directing towards a goal 
The Swords- the actions and  thoughts that get you to that goal 
The Pentacles (Coins)- The rewards of goal achievement