Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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Crekus shifted nervously in this seat. Then, he started to shake his leg until his side of the table was vibrating. Altin rolled his eyes. “Agent Crekus, please, I sympathize with your nervousness. But that is no reason to vibrate the water from my goblet.”

“Sincere apologies, Agent Altin,” stammered Crekus. “But the response from the Loriens will greatly affect my Reginar, either way. The strain is so much that I regret taking up my nomination. I’ll not escape my government without an ulcer!”

“Or another wife,” joked Agent Tethan to his left. “I know I’ll get the divorce slap when I return home this term. She thought she could seduce me into voting as she wanted; knowing full well my Okasi have me by the scruffies!” The other Agents laughed.

“Brave is the man who votes against his Okasi,” said Agent Onmar.

“Or a damn fool!” added Agent Tethan.

The boisterous male laughter was interrupted by the sound of the gong.

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

MIghty Men

For him love was tournament, battle, and crusade
He went with shining armor to ride in masquerade
For love and lust of chivalry, he vied to make his trade
But mighty men have frailties that they cannot evade

A woman from the village, he took to quench his thirst
Promises of marriage and a lady's life, rehearsed
Instant love she found in him, with manhood she conversed
Male relief he had in her, he couldn't have in his first

Exchanging more than earthly vows at the mornings break
A grand, snow-white tunic she made for him to take
A symbol of her purest love, the strongest weave in make
To be worn with thoughts of her to keep his heart from ache

In his long time absence, she raised the progeny
he grew up strong and tall, he grew up wild and free
The son took up the sword and learned the chivalry
And with his mother's love, learned responsibility

 They came with marching feet, they came in early spring
They came to pillage the land, and rode with their new king
Dressed in snow white tunic, on his head a golden ring
Next to him a princely child and a lovely queen

The woman saw them riding and quickly she went pale
Loudly calling out to him, her cries to no avail
His promise long forgotten, in trade for noble veil
Cut down without a thought or word by soldiers in chain-mail

The army and the village fought til near all were dead
But not before the son cut off his father's gold-crowned head
The oldest killed the youngest, to his bed took the queen
Whilst saying to her “all this time, mislead you have been”

For him love was victory, battle, and crusade
Pride did shape his destiny in search for glory made
Love cannot be found in crowns or armies on parade
But mighty men have frailties that they cannot evade

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Hungry Bee

Once upon a time-
There was a hungry bee. She flew from her hive and into the world looking for some wildflowers to eat. She was a very hipster bee. She didn't like genetically modified flowers or flowers that were artificially sweetened. She had babies to look after and stuff like that wasn't healthy. Not that she was an anti-vaxer or something like that, but unhealthy food meant the hive was susceptible to foulbrood and wax moths. So, she was very careful about where she got her pollen.
The hungry bee flew around the neighborhood looking for wildflowers but she couldn't find any. Not even a single dandelion or clover. She got angry and settled on a tree. "I don't understand!" she said. "Where are all the wildflowers?"
There was an ant on the same branch as her. Ant heard bee and stopped carrying a leaf to answer. "Don't you know?" asked Ant. "The humans spray burning waters on clover and dandelions. Humans call them "weeds." They also push great, loud, metal things to cut the grasses and flowers down."
The bee was hangry. "How rude! Don't they know? Don't they understand? We are starving?"
"I don't think they care much," said Ant. She went back to carrying her leaf.
"Well, I'll show them!" said Bee. "I'll sting the first human I see."
Bee flew off in search of a human. When she found one, Bee rushed at the great lurking beast. The thing swung its arm out wide, throwing tiny little rocks from its palm. Bee poised her butt at the arm and dove her sting right in.
"Ouch!" said the human.
A smaller human came up to the big human. "What happened Momma?" asked the little human.
The big human cocked her head and frowned. "Awe, a bee stung me. I must have scared it throwing out the clover seeds." The big human pulled the bee body off her arm. "That's sad."
"It's okay, Mommy," said the little human. "There's more in the hive."
Moral of the story: Don't seek revenge when you're hangry