Thursday, October 22, 2015

Delphi Algorithm, Part 2: Identity Confirmed

Janice, is there enough information on the flash drive to match it up to similar programs,” He asked.

I would need specific perimeters, Sir,” replied Janice.

He thought for a moment. “Well, if this program is similar to my Multiverse engine, then part of this program will analyze possible outcomes of reality” he said. “If we assume that this program does the same thing, and it got into the wrong hands, the program could be used for personal gain.” He thought for a moment. “Janice, could this program be used in gambling?”

Yes, it is possible,” replied Janice.

Then best place to start is...”

The city of Las Vegas, Sir,” said Janice.

Funny piece of trivia, Janice. Las Vegas isn't actually in an State,” He said.

Yes, I am aware of that, Sir.” replied Janice. “Sir, 20 of the 31 Casinos on the Las Vegas strip are owned by two companies. None of which are linked to any current criminal activity.”

No, they wouldn't be. Strictly speaking, it isn't illegal,” he said.

What do you mean, Sir?” asked Janice.

Counting cards by one individual isn't strictly illegal. A group of people is though,” he said.

You are referencing the MIT students, Sir. I am knowledgeable of that incident,” said Janice.

But what if we aren't talking about a person?” He said, thinking out loud.

I do not follow, Sir,” said Janice.

Well, I hope I am wrong,” he said. “Janice, of the remaining 11 Casinos, which ones are Lexcorp or Wayne Enterprises?”

There was a short moment of silence. “LexCorp owns two in the Las Vegas Area. Wayne Enterprises does not own any gambling establishments in Las Vegas. They do own three in Atlantic City, and Four in Gotham. One in Kansas City.”

Here?” he asked. “Wayne Enterprises has a Casino in Kansas City?”

Yes, on the Missouri side. LexCorp owns one here as well,” replied Janice.

Janice, are there any new casinos in the Kansas City Area with cooperate links to Vegas?”

Yes, Sir. It opened two months ago near the Legends and Speedway,” said Janice.

I think we just found our Holy Grail, Janice,” he said, smiling. “And it's in our own backyard. Janice, I am going to need to run the Multiverse program,” he said.

But Sir, it's not fully functional. You are missing several key...”

I am aware of that Janice. But I need to get into the main server to look for that missing piece. That means I need access. That means getting into the casino. Maybe others can bust down the door, repel bullets or punches, but I am just another dude off the block. I do not have money to protect me like Bruce. I do not have journalist job like Clark, and I certainly do not have a super computer like Stark. I am just one guy with a little brains and SOME tech. I need an advantage and mine is the program. Boot it up and give me what it can give me,” he said, frustrated.

Knowledge is power, Sir,” replied Janice. “I wouldn't call you “just another dude.”

Yeah, yeah,” he responded, turning to his computer screen.

The computer screen lit up. “Identification required,” said a different computer voice from the speakers. “You have five seconds.” He quickly grabbed an old, and highly modified, viewmaster. He put it to his face and clicked at the keyboard. “Identity confirmed. Welcome, Red Scope.”

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