Tuesday, October 11, 2016


She: "Flee not from me, like Daphne from Apollo. Turn an eye, to gaze, at least once, to the offering I hold in my arms."

He stops and turns. She keeps a bit away. "Lady, I run not from you but the offering in your arms. The Shoes and Crown, though stately made and kept, is far too rich for me."

She keeps away. "Silver and black pearls cannot be remade to driftwood.  They are as they are and will remain so."

He: "You speak to mean that black pearls can be as common as rocks. And from this, I too run."

She: "Black pearls are a rare find. But in the vast ocean of time, they, too, accrue upon the shore."

He: "A jest, to ease my fears."

She: "No. A truth. If a pearl is to found upon a beach, and no one is to pick it up, they too accrue upon the sand. Then, become as common as rock, in time. There must be a one to recognize its value, to make it a treasure."

He is silent.

She: "If this is not true, then I shall move away and leave you to your journey. If it is true, then speak plain. I will hear and listen."

He is hesitant. But then he speaks. "A driftwood crown is easy to wear, it has no weight. The silver and black pearl crown is heavy and its value cannot be argued. The shoes, while plain, is easy to see that they are well made, sewn expertly with quality material. They have a heavy sole and ever so slightly worn. Well made for a strong man and cared for with great respect. It is clear to see what the expectations of a counterpart your Majesty seeks. I am not that man. And Time cannot change those who chose their paths with stubbornness. You seek a champion, Majesty. I am yet, a traveler only. I must refuse the call."

She is disappointed. "I understand." She lowers her arms and pulls the items closer to her bosom. "The messiah only comes once. Be sure of your refusal."

He: "I am certain of it."

She: "Then, go and be free. I shall not follow."

He turns away and goes.

She cries in the grove of the forest.

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