Saturday, November 12, 2016

Downloading the Adventures

In a previous blog, I made a list of different kinds of dreams. This blog will be recording a "regurgitation dream". These kinds of dreams are sleeping visions of the brain downloading and purging information gathered during the waking hours. Yesterday, I binge watched Ghost Adventures. So this dream makes sense if one takes this into account.

It will also be fun to read it again later. One of the things I love about being me is that I tell myself stories even while sleeping. It keeps me interested and entertained throughout my day.

The dream starts out with Zak, Arron, and I standing in the hall entrance of an old, run-down hospital. This wing has an emergency area. Zak is standing in front of Arron, who is holding a camera, and Zak is explaining what he is going to do and what I am going to do.

Zak is going into the emergency operating room. Arron will go deeper into the ICU rooms. Zak hands me a recording device and a "go-pro". He says I am going further into the hospital to the children's wing. This is up a ramp in the adjacent wing. Then, he tells me to make my way to "'Dobby' Dobbs Jr. Room" This room is an area in which there have been sightings of a little boy's spirit. The story is that the boy had cancer and died there, not from cancer but from an odd "accident". Zak also says not to be afraid. Billy and Jay are at the control center and watching me carefully.

I scoff at him and say the only thing I am afraid of are other humans. Zak laughs back and says, "What do you think most spirits are?" Which makes Arron bust out laughing and shuts me the hell up.

I take the camera and I go down the hall up the ramp. (Which in the dream happens quickly.) The hospital is not as dilapidated as the front makes it look like it should be. I make a right-hand turn, go through a large door frame (there are doors but they hang open and are slightly off the hinges). Walking down the hall, I get to the "Dobby" Dobbs Jr room.

This room is not a room with beds, which is what I expected to find. This "room" is the children's ward play room. (or was in this case) Also, it isn't one large room, it is two large rooms were joined together by large heavy double doors. Both of these doors are missing. I turn on my recording device and say, "If there is someone here who wants to speak, just talk into the device. Is there a little boy here?" So, now, I am asking standard investigation questions trying to get a response.

The response I get is not vocal, at least not yet. It is visual. The room is filled with a ghostly image of a Halloween decorated play room. There are five little boys dressed in costumes near an old entertainment center. There is an old style television set (you know the ones that are 1,000 pounds) On the second shelf, there is an old style video player, the beta-max style. (The ones that are top loaders) So, the boys are sitting around the tv watching old black-and-white horror movies. (It was one of those b rated monster movies where you could see the zipper on the costumes) Another boy enters the room and walks over to the group. He is wearing a costume like Max from Where the Wild Things are. He stands behind them for a few minutes, then he loudly states that he doesn't like monster movies. He wants to watch an alien movie. The conversation goes something like this:

"We are watching a monster movie, we aren't going to stop." says one from the group

"Yeah but when you're done with this one," says the Max.

"No," says a cowboy. "We are going to watch another monster movie. We don't have an alien movie anyway."

"Yes, we do," says Max. "It right there on the shelf."

"That's not an alien movie." says the group.

"Yes, it is. You just don't want to share." says Max.

"No it's not," argues the cowboy.

"Yes it is!" says Max. He walks around the group, stands in front of the tv and pulls out the movie. But all the movies fall from the shelf. Max stands in front of the tv to pick them up and put them back.

This doesn't sit well with the group of boys. They groan and complain, tell him to move. The cowboy gets up, grabs the alien movie.

Max stands up, turn around, and demands the movie back. "Give it back!"

"No!" says the cowboy. "Not until you promise to go away and leave us alone."

"No! I want to watch an Alein movie. You watched a monster movie. It's my turn after you." He lunges for the video.

Cowboy throws the movie to another boy. Now, the group of boys are playing keep away. Max is lunging for the alien movie. This happens a few times, then Max lunges at Cowboy, loses his balance and falls a little on another boy. Not all the way falls, but leaning into him. The Cowboy throws the video and pushes Max backward. Max falls back completely, hits his head on the entertainment center. It is a really hard fall. The entertainment center is old and the weight of the tv was more than it should have been on the shelf. The shelf the TV sits on cracks, and then the whole thing tumbles. The tv falls forward and smashes into Max's little face and head. The boys watch in horror as Max's little legs kick and then stops. The boys scream and scatter. That vision fades away and is replaced with piles of dead boys bodies. (Gross)

I do a little freakout and curse. I back off into the adjoining room as that vision fades out. I turn around and look into the next room. The camera dies. I look down and fuss with it, saying that it is a new battery. I try to turn it back on. But it won't.

I pause for an instant. Brain gears in overtime. Loss of camera power means one thing on an investigation, something is trying to manifest. Usually, the response of the investigator is anxiousness and panic. So, this time, I will myself to calm down. (Which only works a little, I still am nervous) I try not to show it and keep my attention on the camera while focusing on my peripheral vision. I "look like" I am focusing on the camera.

A little green light begins to glow ahead of me. And this tiny little monster thing crawls out from under a table. It watches me for a second, fussing with the camera. It crawls over the table and stands up on it. "What's wrong with your camera?" it asks politely.

I do not look up at it directly. It looks like I am speaking to the camera. I am looking at the camera. But I can see it in the peripheral clearly. "It died. I think something is trying to manifest."

"What do you think it is?" asked the little monster thing.

"I don't know. But it will be cool to find out, don't you think?" I say, still looking at the camera.

"What if it is an evil and horrible monster? Won't you be afraid?"

"Sure I will. I am a normal human. But also, it will be special to see it. It would be like a gift. It chose me to appear too. That is worth the wait in the dark and scary hospital. And besides, what if it isn't evil? What if it is just a being living here and minding its own business? Wouldn't it like some company to visit without the  visitor running off into the dark screaming like a fool?"

The monster thing had begun pacing back and forth, while I was talking. But When I asked about the company and objected that not everything was "evil", it stopped pacing. "You are right. Sometimes, it gets old and we want something different."

Still looking at the camera. "Don't you think we want something different too? It must get old on both sides. Times of truce have their value. And maybe we can learn something by it."

The little monster backs up. "I think you may have something there."

"That's what Jack Skellington said," I say.

"Who's Jack?"

"Jack Skellington, The Great Pumpkin, King of Halloween. He got bored with the repeated cycle of things. He went to Christmas land. Took time off. When he went back, he was a better at his craft." I said.

"Humans are so complicated. And sometimes, really simple," said the monster, retreating back under the table. "Imagine what I could do."

"Well, I have to figure out this camera. Good luck," I said. The green light faded out.

Zak comes busting into the room. "Where are you?" he says loudly and shines a light in my face.

"Camera died and I am blind, Thanks for that," I say.

"Sorry," he says. "We lost your feed. What happened?"

"Something fucking amazing!" I say Handing him the camera.

Suddenly there is loud knocking. Zak and I freeze. "Did you hear that?" I nod. Another thump. Loud knocking. "There is is agian!"

Now, there is a rumble throughout the building. "Fucking Knockers?!" I yell confused.

"Knockers?" says Zak, mistified. Another louder rumble, and the hopsital shakes. "Run!" he says.

We both run out of the room and go down the corridor. But only a meter or two. The hall has colasped and we can't get back that way.

"Fuck!" yells Zak. "Follow me!"

We turn around and head back down thew corridor the oppisite direction. It is like a maze. I am keeping up with him, but barley. The building shakes agian. We run into Arron (almost literally) Who had been investagting a seperate wing of the Hospital. Zak and I are running the oppiste direction and Arron says something. Zak cuts him off and says that way is blocked, we have to go trhough, out, and around, to get back where we need to be. We all run agian.

Zak, Me, then Arron, run through a set of doors, this leds to an outside courtyard? (Maybe helipad? I am trying to keep up with Zak so I am not paying attention to anything expect my feet and the building rumbling. Arron is behind me (I guess the camera is heavy?) There is another ramp leading from the spot to the inside of the building. As we round the outside and up the ramp, I get a really good view of the hospital and the sky.

A bright moon has set behind the towering building. The light of the moon has lit up the mackeral sky. The clouds are flowing towards us. It was bueatuful and onimous at the time. As we run, I point up and yell, "Zak, look, isn't that cool as hell?"

He looks up as he is running. "Yeah, It is!"

From behind, I can hear Arron's repsonse as he yells "Whoa!" or "Wow!"

But as we near the entrance, there is another rumble. Arron yells out, something like, "Guys! Guys!"

My footing slightly slips on the concrete we are running on. I catch myself from falling, get backup, and start to run agian. Arron yells from behind agian. Zak halts and turns around. At that exact moment, the ground from beneath me gives way. I can see concrete and dirt falling around me. Zak leaps out to catch me.

I don't know if he did, becuase I woke up.

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