Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Celebrity Story: Mike Wolfe

This is a story I somehow failed to record here. This happened February two years ago.

On Monday, Mom and I went to Nashville. She said, "And THIS time we are going to Antique Archeology!"

 I said, "Okay, that sounds like a plan." 

She said, "Wouldn't it be cool if we ran into Mike or Frank?"

 I said, "Mom, that will never happen. I mean really, what are the chances of that actually happening?"

So, we walk into Antique Archeology, and guess who is standing in his store surrounded by a crew, giving instructions and talking about his business?

Yeah. And despite wanting to talk to him, I didn't. Mike is a busy guy. He owns a business. I know how that can be. He doesn't have time to chat with every yea-who that walks into the store. (I am absolutely a yeah-who) So, I kept my distance and enjoyed the store.

 Mike and his crew are wandering clockwise around the store. And at one point, I am backed into a corner by Mike and a lady. And because I am trying to keep my nose clean and out of his business, I am trapped and frozen as he stands in front of me doing "The Boss Dance" Reaching down to pick up an object, he finally notices me there, trying to keep out of his way, he says "Oh Hi!" with a smile (being friendly) And so I say, "hey" back, being friendly (because he validated my existence)And then, very quickly, moved away from his circle of command where I was no longer in his way.

 But when I point this out to Mom, She fixes my hair and then waits for the moment when I am not paying attention to call him over and ask about a homunculus bike hanging from the ceiling. (I didn't even know he was standing behind me.) Then, she and he engage in a very quick conversation about the bike and an old fabric-covered wheel. Then, he and his crew disappear to go film something. 

While He and I did not speak at length, I am adding Mike to the list of "celebrities I have met." There were others in the store, he only acknowledged me at his own accord. (anyone else that was there either ignored him or approached him directly) It may have been because I was in his field of vision but had not said anything. But he made a choice to say hello. And that is a choice as far as celebrities are concerned. He could have ignored me and said nothing. But he didn't. I think that was very sweet of him and marks him as a good guy. So, He gets on the list. And I am happy to have met him.

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