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Revising the Followers of Rayism

In a previous blog called, More about Rayism I outlined the hierarchy for the Temple of Ray. I realized that the list was not complete. Not to mention, seriously unbalanced. I took some time to think it over carefully.

 Also, it occurred to me that, currently D&D, doesn't include any perks for characters who decided to include a religion for their characters. In other games like Skyrim, there are radiant quests for a Temple of a Deity. When the character finishes the radiant quest line, there is typically some reward for it. Agent of Dibella or Dawnbreaker sword are great examples. I often wondered why it was left up to, specifically, clerics, paladins, monks, or what have you, to "do things" for a religious order. Not to mention, there are no books (that I am aware of) that outline what kind of perks or bonuses a character may be able to attain by being a devote follower of some deity. Now, I admit that might be an oversight on MY part as a DM. However, as I have stated there aren't any current outlines for this that I am aware of. So, instead of rewriting the Deities and Demi-gods books, it is best to play test some additions to my own homebrew.

On that same note, I can see there is some serious confusion (When the DM starts to confuse herself, things need written down) on the difference between a "Follower of Rayism" and a "Monk of Rayism" (which is basically a cleric or priest within the order) Any character can be a Follower of Rayism, much like any other religious order. But being a Monk of Rayism and building a character to ascend the temple hierarchy of Rayism, is totally different.

To start, the "Level" system here is not your character level! It is the level of following. So, a tenth level barbarian can be a first level follower of Rayism. On the Character sheet, at the top (under player name, on the right of alignment), there is the "deity" line. On that line, A follower of Rayism will put "FRay (number of level)" so it will look like; <FRay 2>  The full member will have to quest for the pixie wine for the ceremony to be "full member."

Follower Chart 

Follower Lvl 1, +1 to focused action (Useable 1 per day and yes, it begins to stack)
Follower Lvl 2, +1 to focused action (1xday)
Follower Lvl 3, Feat- Unlikely Luck (1xday)
Follower Lvl 4, +1 to focused action (1xday)
Follower Lvl 5, Full member, Blessing of the Ray = Feat -Inconceivable!  (1xday)

So, a full member gets a bonus perks of +3 to focused action, Unlikely Luck Feat, and the Inconceivable! consequences feat 1xday. To clarify, one times per day a full member of Rayism can gain +4 to focus action with Inconceivable! (You will see the potential of such a perk in a moment)


Unlikely Luck- The player is allowed to +1 to the roll he already has with no consequences OR re-roll the dice completely but must accept the roll even if it is worst than the first.

Inconceivable!- (This is equivalent to Supernatural Aid) Basically, something weird happens. This turns the tide of the situation towards the favor of the character in such an improbable way, it looks unbelievable. (When Matt wormed himself and "lived")

Warning! Warning!

Unlikely Luck and Inconceivable! have consequences. Unlikely Luck has simple to minor consequences. For example, the character saves an NPC and then the NPC pickpockets the character of his gold, but then the gold monster doesn't eat the character because the character had his pockets picked. Simple to minor consequences affects are not world turning or mind blowing. It leaves the player thinking, "Well, that was Lucky." or "That sucked at first but it worked out pretty well"

Inconceivable! on the other hand, has larger effects but isn't completely world turning or campaign destroying. Inconceivable! can bend a planned campaign though. One thing is for sure, it adds life to the game.

Focused Actions

Why "focused action" and not "called shots"? Well, a focused action can be anything. There is lots of discretion to the Dm. That action may be a called shot or a concentration check.

Followers Level Up

How does a follower "level up"? The follower must run missions and quests for the Temple. Missions and quests are up to the DM. When the follower has gained favor (or experience points or however the DM decides to "measure" the follower) the follower will receive a vivid dream from Ray. It will be a picture of Ray, with his thumbs up and smiling at the follower. A unknown male voice will boom loudly, "It just works!" The follower will wake up and be compelled to go to the local temple for training.

Any follower of Rayism can have these abilities stated above. But that is where it ends. If a character chooses to become a MONK of Rayism, it is a totally different process.

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