Friday, September 22, 2017

Warface part 4

Mary is sleeping hard. She doesn't know that Chirs has gotten out of bed. He is downstairs outside. He is having another episode, in his sleep. The vision have changed dramatically. His visions have shifted from a combination of Afghanistan and a battle in the Early 1800s to fully in the 1800s. His "platoon" is now wearing old uniforms. They are in a forest. They appear to be fighting Natives.

In the house, Orion has fallen asleep at his laptop. He has a camera pointed towards the hallway. The hallway goes dark as a black mass fades into it. There is the sound of flapping bats wings and chattering teeth. The black mass passes into the girl's room.

Birdy's baseball bat has fallen to the floor as she was sleeping. The crystal on her nightstand glows and pulses. Sunny is also asleep. The black mass "breaks up" into smaller "clouds" and surrounds the beds. The "clouds" circle the beds. Then, one breaks off from the group and flies at Sunny. She jerks her leg and groans. Then, all the little clouds begin to fly at the girls. As the "clouds" hit, it leaves behind teeth marks. The girl's jerk in bed. This attack makes them wake up. And they see all these little black clouds coming at them and leaving marks. Both girls yell in pain.

This wakes up Orion. He hears them yelling. He gets up and runs into their room. He sees the little clouds attack. Mary has also awoken. She sits up, notices that Chris is gone. She jumps up and runs into the hallway towards Orion. She looks into the girl's room.  Then the little clouds gather into a larger mass and "blow" out the window.

Orion and Mary run into the room. The girls are shocked and upset. The girls look and show off their arms.

To Mary "This is not being bored! This is real! Those are teeth marks! Human! Human teeth marks! Explain it!"

She shakes her head and tears up. "I can't. I can't." She shrugs it off, sniffs, and shakes her head. "And I can't do this, Orion." She stands up and paces back and forth between the beds. "What do the stories say? The movies? What do the family's usually do? What's the pattern?" She looks at Orion.

He nods. "Okay. Uh, well, when things get physical, it is very common for the family to leave. Like on vacation or for the weekend. A kind of regrouping thing. Stuff usually doesn't follow the family's out of the house. Or the family leaves everything and moves out." He looks away.

"We can't move."

"Yeah, I know. That is also in the pattern. The family has spent all their money buying the house and moving in the first place. That's why we don't get a lot of stories from people who rent houses. They just wait for their leases to come up and then move again."
 The other three are quiet and think about that statement.
"Nobody ever thinks of that. In the movies and the documentaries. You know what would really be cool?"
  All three are still quiet.
"Paranormal home insurance. I bet I could make money on that."

laughs and cries at the same time. "An insurance company that employs paranormal investigators to help a family who moves into active homes. Collect evidence to validate the story, hire appropriate cleansing practitioners, and in the event of a worst-case scenario, help families move out of the house." She nods her head and cries harder. "If you ever give me crap about being a geek again..."

He hugs his sister, but it's more like a side hug thing. Sunny doesn't do side hugs. She grabs him and gives him a real hug, and he struggles.

"You guys are so weird." She picks her ball bat from the floor.

Remembers that Chris is not in bed. "Oh, my..!" She covers her mouth. "Your Dad. Your Dad's not in bed. We need to find him." She runs out of the room.
The kids follow her.

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