Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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Crekus shifted nervously in this seat. Then, he started to shake his leg until his side of the table was vibrating. Altin rolled his eyes. “Agent Crekus, please, I sympathize with your nervousness. But that is no reason to vibrate the water from my goblet.”

“Sincere apologies, Agent Altin,” stammered Crekus. “But the response from the Loriens will greatly affect my Reginar, either way. The strain is so much that I regret taking up my nomination. I’ll not escape my government without an ulcer!”

“Or another wife,” joked Agent Tethan to his left. “I know I’ll get the divorce slap when I return home this term. She thought she could seduce me into voting as she wanted; knowing full well my Okasi have me by the scruffies!” The other Agents laughed.

“Brave is the man who votes against his Okasi,” said Agent Onmar.

“Or a damn fool!” added Agent Tethan.

The boisterous male laughter was interrupted by the sound of the gong.

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