Friday, January 31, 2020

Treasure of the Master

Loki is waiting for Thor and he's late.

So fishing through some old papers, I came across some old things of Master Mikal's. I imagine they came into my possession when his wife, Ginger, gave a box of things to Fiona. And I fished through the box for mementos. I found this picture, two songs, and some black fabric. I thought I had lost these items. But behold! Here they be.

I thought I would share them here. The Black Bull is one of his. He drew it. Master Mikal was an art teacher after all. So, I'm not shocked about the drawing. In addition, I would listen to Master Mikal talk about Loki, who was his favorite. So, the subject matter doesn't surprise me either.

The first song is Calontir Sings for Battle. I have never heard of it. Calontir doesn't sing it (this is definitely not the top five greatest hits) so I don't know the tune. I doubt anyone knows the tune (probably lost to time) and it very well may be what he considered a "failure" But it should be saved and shared to show that Masters must begin somewhere. And they have had some bad eggs of creation too. So here we go:

(Chorus) Now the kingdoms hear our voices, Listen to the war-drums' rattle
Crying out for power and glory, Calontir sings for battle

Up then brothers; take your spear, Join the host of Calontir
Nobles marching side by side, Let our Foeman hear our pride


Gather Fyrdmen on the field, Ready with the Spear and Shield
They will hear the battle cry, in our songs as we march by


Summon Huscarls from the land, Ready with a blade in hand
We will make the woodlands ring, with the songs that we will sing


Call the Knights and Masters bold, Ready weapons Meet the foe
With their fellows of the shield, As we sing "We will not yield"


When this army takes the field, know the weapons we will wield
Wall of shields to make us strong, and the power in our songs. 

Yeah, it's not good. It's one of his early works. And like I said, Masters have to start somewhere. So, whenever I feel like I could've done better, wrote a stinker, or just plain failed. I think back to this little gem. I don't feel so stupid.

So, here is the second treasure. And believe me, there is NO glitter or gold here. It stinks worse than the first. The name of this one is Look to the East!

In a land of wonder, an age of strife
Honor and Courage is what we live by
But men from the West of honor they knew not
Death and destruction is what they proclaim

Look to the East
Look to the East
Look to the East where the cold wind blows
The Lion has come from across the sea
To a place in my homeland

Holy men told us of battle to come
 To ready our forces
To asl Allah for strength
And I was a young man
A warrior I was not
A sweetheart I did have
To war she was lost


And then I knew what I must do
I donned on my armor, gave Allah my soul
And to my horse, into battle, we rode
My sword tasted blood
and the dead knew my name


We are the warriors of time and sand
We are the people that time cannot bend
Our lives are foretold in the pages of man
For we are the warriors of the desert sands


The Master teaches beyond his resting place. Master Mikal the Ram showed me that not everything I do is going to be good. Sometimes, its gonna stink like Innolwoda Kaka! But that ok. We rise above. Go forth and do better, Helena. He never said that but I always imagine that he did. 

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