Sunday, April 10, 2022

The TVA's Best B rated Movies Never Made

 Skimming through the TVA Entertainment Archive, I have made a short list of the Best B Rated
Movies never made here on Midgard CP55-38480 (That's us, BTW. We survived the Pandemic fairly well in comparison to some others (*coughMidgard359cough*)) So, if you are ever vacationing there or you find yourself in the waiting room, request these movies. Its worth wasting your time on these jems!

Fast & Frivolous~ An action adventure comedy about four wealthy friends shopping Black Friday. Can they get through their list? They better check twice, I think they missed a spot.

Shrok~ Voiced by David Spade. After being forced out from under his bridge, can a troll find true love? Is it the Pretty Princess or the Dashing Duke? He has some identity issues to work out.

Pluto Nash (Edit: I forgot this got made here. This version is way better!)

Dude, Where's my arm?~ Two cyber Punks go on a bender. One loses his arm. The other lost his pocket rocket. Only the Wizard knows what happened.

Highlander~ Starring Robin Williams. He consistently proves, "There is always one." There really should not be more than that. Really.

Home Alone Again~ Father leaves his son home alone to attend a huge drug party~ again. Now, the son must evade Social Workers or go into foster care. He would rather not, in this Dystopian Horror.

Rise Above~ How a former adventurer overcomes his crippling knee injury to become a famous courier.

Johnny Numeronic~ Action Adventure. Johnny runs numbers. But he ran the wrong numbers to the wrong casino. Now, he must run from the Mob. 

Farm Simulator the Movie.

Farm Simulator the Sequel

Farm Simulator X~ Horror on the farm.

Never Ending Story 5~ Two completely wasted convenience store clerks battle boredom at work by wasting time and getting into trouble.

The Devil Wears Cyber Heels~ Fashion and Sin is Universal AND Multiverse-al.

Cooking with Balrog~ All seven seasons of Julia Childs as a Balrog teaching the science of cooking the perfect dwarf. 

Shrubs~ 1 and half seasons The Knights of NI unleash their knowledge of Shrubbery. and a fish.

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