Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The First Snow Rabbits A Porquoi Story

It happened one day, a long time ago, when the world was new...

There was a sky mother. It was her job to light the stars every night with her magic torch. Like other mothers, the sky mother had children. In fact, she had many, many children. As many children as there were stars in the sky. It was this particular day that they all decided to cry.

The cries of the sky children filled the heavens with a terrible noise. It was so terrible that it shook the floor of heaven. The sky mother heard the noise and she came running. Even though she was a very busy Sky Mother, she was worried about her children. “What is wrong, children?” she called them. “Why are you all crying?”

We are bored!” cried the children. “We are bored! Bored! Bored! We have nothing to do!”

I do not have time to amuse you,” replied the sky mother. “I am very busy. You must amuse yourselves.”

But what shall we do?” cried the children. “We are so bored!”

I don't know,” said the Sky Mother impatiently. “Go twinkle the starlights or something. Just do not bother me. I am very busy and have so much work to do.” The sky mother turned and went away into the heavens.

The children stopped crying and scattered amongst the stars. There were so many children in the Sky that there was one child for every star. And every child did what every child wants to do most, they each began to twinkle the starlights. They went on and off, on and off, and on and off, and on and off, and on, and off, and off, and off, and off. The stars stopped shining, one by one, until the sky was completely dark. Then the children began to cry again.

The Sky Mother came running again. “What's wrong, children?” called the Sky Mother. “Children? Where are you?”

The starlights will not twinkle, Mother!” cried the children. “It is dark and we are bored! Bored! Bored! Bored!”

The Sky Mother had brought her magic torch. She looked around the heavens and sighed. “You have broken the starlights. Now, I will have to fix them. That will take a long time. I cannot entertain you. You must find something to do.” She grabbed the nearest star. Using her torch, she repaired the star, then made it bigger and brighter than the others. “This star is named Sol,” said the Sky Mother. She placed it above the children so they had light. “It will help you to see while you play.”

The children rubbed their eyes from the light and crying. “But what shall we do, Mother? We are so bored!” they sniffled.

Beat the Thunder Drums,” said the Sky Mother. “Just let me do my work.” She turned and went into the darkness of the heavens, carrying her torch with her.

The children stopped crying at once. They gathered the Thunder Drums and sat in a circle. Then, they began to beat the Thunder Drums. The heavens filled with the sound of rhythmic pounding.

There is one thing in the Sky that cannot resist the sound of Thunder Drums and that is Clouds. Once the heavens filled with the sound, the clouds heard it. So, they all gathered together and danced to place the sound was coming from. Soon, heaven was so crowded with clouds. But the children did not care. They were having fun beating the Thunder Drums and watching the clouds dance. The children laughed and beat the drums harder and harder and harder and harder and....BOOM! The Thunder Drums lay broken and in pieces all over heavens floor, leaving the children nothing to do. So, the Sky Children began to cry...again.

The Sky Mother came running with her torch. “What's wrong, Children? Are you alright?”

Mother the Thunder Drums are broken! We are bored! Bored! Bored! Bored!” they cried.”There is nothing to do!”

The Sky Mother cleared the floor of heaven with a wave of her arm. She looked around at the clouds filling heaven and sighed. “Well, Ill tell you what to do! Why don't you get rid of these clouds! I have work to do and I cannot keep coming to tell you how to amuse yourselves.”

But Mother, How will we get rid of the clouds? There are so many,” the children sniffled.

Shake them!” replied the Sky Mother impatiently. “Please leave me to my work.” She took her torch back into the darkness of Heaven to fix the starlight.

The Sky Children stopped crying. They all reached up, took a cloud, and began to shake it. They shook and shook and shook and shook the clouds as hard as they could. And as they shook the clouds, snow fell out and started to cover the floor of heaven. The harder they shook, the more snow fell and the less clouds they were. Soon, the clouds were gone and the floor of heaven was covered in huge mounds of snow. The Sky Children began to cry....again.

What is wrong, now?” called the Sky Mother, as she came running to the crying children, her torch burning brightly in her hand.

The clouds are gone the floor of heaven is covered in snow!” cried the children. “We are bored! Bored! Bored! Bored!”

Then make balls of the snow and play with them!” ordered the Sky Mother. “I am very busy and I am getting angry that you are crying because you are bored.” She turned and went back into the darkness.

The children stopped crying. They scattered and made balls of the snow. Soon, they were throwing the balls at each other. The children were having a wonderful time, laughing and playing. They were having so much fun that the children did not realize the snow balls were rolling off the edge of heaven. The children played, the snowballs rolled. They rolled, and rolled, and rolled, and rolled. They rolled until only one was left. The youngest picked it up and threw it hard. The other children called out, “NO!” but it was too late. The snowball bounced and rolled right off of heaven. The children ran to the edge of heaven and looked down. They could see all the snowballs hurtling towards the Earth. “No!” They began to cry. “Our snowballs!”

The Sky mother heard the children crying again. She came running with her torch. And she was very angry. “What?” she yelled. “What is wrong?”

Our snowballs rolled off the edge of heaven! They are falling to Earth!” They cried.

The Sky Mother ran to the edge of Heaven and looked down. The snowballs the children were playing with were still falling down to earth, far down below. The Sky Mother became more angry than ever. “You naughty snowballs! How dare you make the children cry!” The Sky Mother threw the torch at the snowballs.
The torch flew down towards the snowballs and it missed. But not before the torch scorched the snowball's tails. The snowballs hit the earth, bounced, and rolled away into the forest.

And they are still there today. Only you call them Snow rabbits.

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