Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rayism for the Dm

The DM is to read aloud the portions labeled “read aloud”

The follower goes through a ceremony much like Communion. In which they imbibe a portion of Pixie wine. I have been told that the follower in question is a minotuar.

About Pixie Wine. Usually, it only takes a small cup 4-6 oz to cause the vision quest. But if the follower is larger than human sized, the amount will have to vary. For a minotaur, his constitution score is really high. So, he might have to drink the whole bottle. Basically, if the follower succeeds the first fortitude save, the vision quest fails. The follower must fail the fortitude save to trip balls in order for the vision quest to continue.

Pixie wine is pretty potent. 4-6 oz can render a non-fey creature paralyzed and comatose. Depending on the amount of failure could lead to death because the imbiber will never wake up. A fey creature (pixie, fairy, elf, ect.) can drink pixie wine as normal, just with a bit of extra kick. But for a non-fey creature it can be deadly. For those who don't wake up, the priests wrap the bodies in the fetal position. They allow the body to mummify and put the body of the follower in a compartment in the catacombs underneath the Temple. The follower is neither alive nor dead and can be resurrect if the Temple comes under attack or needs defended in some manner.

For each ounce of Pixie Wine imbibed, a gives a -3 to fortitude for non-fey creatures. Each bottle holds only 10 oz of Pixie wine. The DC rating for a single ounce is 20. The follower must fail the DC by no less than 7 points but no greater than 10. (A Vinson quest will happen if the sum of the save is between 19-13) If the follower succeed the fortitude, they do not attain a vision. Fail by greater than ten, you trip balls and die.

The second, and unknown by the temple, is a concentrate save. The follower (who is now tripping) must think happy thoughts. This is where the followers of Rayiusm discover “tier happy place.” This place is necessary for any future activates that include not thinking about anything except the “happy place”

Example for use:

Ask a follower, “Will it work?” The follower shrugs and smiles. The follower is in “his happy place” he doesn't know if it will work, he doesn't it won't work, as long as he stays in his happy place it has a higher chance of happening. He can't be in doubt, because shit will fall apart. So the follower goes to his happy place and ignores everything. The “thing” works.

The Happy Place” can be a place that the individual creates on his own. But during the vision quest, he must describe it to the DM. Cause it is fun and it better be creative and imaginative.

If it isn't something. If you have to force or coerce the player to describe it, then he must make a Will save. Failing a Will save will begin to convert the Happy Place into a nightmare. The character will fail the vision quest and will die.

The follower has found his happy place, he is seeing the colors of Chakras and their movements, Does he see Ray? Most commonly not. BUTon extremely rare occasions, like the one we will see here, Ray makes an appearance. These special people are called “The Listener.” The Minotuar will be the first character to become “the Listener.” The Temple will want to push him so that he reaches priesthood, and will eventually become one of the highest priests, along side, Mercy, Compass, Veil, and Wisdom. The Listener will interpret vision of Adepts vision quests in the future. So remember DM, the Temple will be constantly asking this character to do shit.

Read this to follower as the Dm play In -godda- divita:

As you are meditating cross legged on the floor, you begin to see colors appear all around you. You are now in a 1960's tie dyed sea of vibrant rainbows. All crossing and moving within and around and through each other. Skittle eating, rainbow ponies vomited into a lava lamp, and you are inside the lava lamp.

A bright white crack splits the flowing rainbow. It widens creating a soft light that is more gentle on your eyes. From the white light steps out an elf. He has dark green hair all messy on his head. He is wearing a brown duster, trench coat thing, that matches the brown of his eyes. He steps through and squints at the follower.

Who the...(belches loudly)...are you?” he asks.

Don't let the character finish his response

Nevermind, forget I asked. I'll just call you “The Listener” he says. “Um..So I guess you are a follower or something. Seriously? You bought into that stuff?”

Do not let the character finish a response

Well, good for you, I guess,” he says. “But since you did, I guess that is good for me. I need a couple things and I can't get them myself. I gotta...” he points to the white light.” a thing. There's a thing and I gotta do it. Kinda time sensitive. So..yeah. You get these things for me, I will do my thing, and maybe the world won't explode into the nether regions.” He shrugs. “Trust me that you don't want that. Those guys are asshats..usually...normally...kinda...okay maybe not all, but a lot of them.”

He pulls out a notebook. “Okay, so I need Ironite.” The elf looks back up at the follower. “Which you can ask the dwarfs for some, or a locatoin where you can find it. I'll need a lot! I mean a lot! As much as you can get your hands on. Find it, bring to the Temple. I'll have my guy pick it up.” He looks back down at his notebook. “And I will need A pair of Ethereal Boots.” He looks back up at the follower. “Which you would think I could get my hands on, being a weird deity, I guess, but I really don't have the time to convince a wizard to do it. And necromancers are just assholes.” He looks back down at his notebook. “And I need..” he pauses and groans. The elf turns to the bright light and says, “Do I really have to say this?” There is a moment of silence, then the elf sighs. “Fine.” He turns back to the follower. “I hate to do, but I am under contractual obligations.” He clears his throat and his voice echoes deeply. “An egg with no chick that blinks and peeps, Made of metal that is not metal, a maze in the hand that beeps.” The elf shrugs. “Sorry but that's all you get.” He puts his notebook in his pocket and turns to leave. As he steps through the light, he sticks his head back out of the crack and says, “By the way, you may want to think happy thoughts, cause if you're tripping balls like you are supposed to, that's the only way to succeed your next fortitude save to return to reality.” He disappears into the light. As the crack begins to close, you can still hear his voice. “At least, your reality anyway. Funny how that works out...” The crack is sealed up and colors return to the rainbow vomit lava lamp.

So, now the follower must make a concentration check and another fortitude save to return. This time the follower must succeed the roll to wake up.

For DM only,

Ironite is aluminum. It can be found in the wasteland, dwarfs won't have as much as Ray needs, and “The Circuit” will have some too. But since you have yet to be introduced to the Circuit, you won't get what you need from them. You already have a sense of what the wasteland is, so use it.

The “egg” is a navigation unit from an aircraft. That was what we were superposed to retrieve when we went into the wasteland the first time. At least that was what Ray was looking for. The combination to the lock to the Thri-kreen too.

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