Thursday, March 24, 2016

21st Birthday with Rabbits

Yesterday, My son turned 21. So, Last night he had a party with drunk rabbits. (See  400 Drunk Rabbits)
 A few new ones showed up and the more extreme ones stayed away. Here is a list of  Drunk Rabbits:
1. The-Most-Interesting-Rabbit-In-The-World
2. Drinking-Game Rabbit -He is a new one that showed up! This Rabbit comes up with old games and new ones to play.
3. Telling-Stories Rabbit
4. Macuil Tochtli  (Five Rabbit)- He is an original Aztec Rabbit and the God of Alcoholic Beverages. He encouraged Wesley to experiment with his drinks and drink them all. This rabbit will stay until the next day because he is also the God of Hangovers and consequences.
5. Level-Headed Rabbit- He did a pretty good job of keeping the more extreme Rabbits away.
6. Needs-Some-Air Rabbit- A new one that showed up This drunk Rabbit is drunk and needs some air. He goes outside to cool off before coming back into the party for more. (Wes kept going outside for air.)
7. Last-One-At-The-Party Rabbit- Another new rabbit. This Rabbit can stay up longer than the other rabbits and is the last to pass out. (Wes was the last one to go to bed)
8. Excited-About-Everything Rabbit- Another new Rabbit. This guy is drunk and excited about everything. He is a very loud talker, sometimes yelling without meaning too. He doesn't sing, he just talks really loud all night long.
9. Surfs-Internet-While-Drunk Rabbit- A very modern Rabbit and new one to show up. This Rabbit is drunk and looking for entertainment. He searches for cat videos, epic fail videos, and internet memes.
10. Smoking Rabbit- made a short appearance, then left mysteriously
11. His-Fly-Is-Open Rabbit- This Rabbit is drunk and he went to the bathroom. He came out with his fly open and had to be told to zip it.
12. Tells-Inside-Jokes Rabbit- It is funny but only if you know what is going on.
13. Buzzed Rabbit- he is one of the first rabbits to show up at any party
14. Spinning Rabbit- Also another Rabbit that shows up early and leaves the next day.
15. Passed-Out-on-The-Floor Rabbit- This Rabbit isn't the same as Falls-Face-Down Rabbit. This Rabbit gently lowers the drinker to the floor, where he curls up and falls asleep. 

My son's official introduction to the world of Alcohol was moderate. We are all happy with the results. Stage two comes after his sister turns 21 and we all go to Mardi Gras. But that is another story for later.

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