Thursday, November 14, 2013

Singh to Soong, fixed point in time

Upon further investigation of my Noonien Khan conundrum, I have discovered a previously unknown episode of Enterprise. (Unknown to me, that is) Oh, How I wish I knew about this a week ago because in this episode we meet, Arik Soong. Arik is Data's great-grandfather, so to speak.

Arik Soong appears on Enterprise, Season 4, episode 4, “Borderland.” In this episode we see that Arik has illegally acquired about a dozen Augmented embryos left over from the Eugenics Wars. He completed their development and began to raise them. The Federation caught up with Dr. Soong when the Augments were about 10 years old. They ended up having to fend for themselves while Soong rotten in prison. While Soong was in prison, he had been pursuing his eugenics research on old fashioned pencil and paper.

This episode manages to accomplish two things that relate directly to my previous proposal that Singh and Soong are the same man. Firstly, Soong's work does NOT get destroyed. Archer tells him so at the end. Secondly, with the destruction of what he believes to be the very last of the embryos, Soong gives up and begins work in cybernetics. We also learn that Soong's work in Eugenics wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Arik was working on a way to Augment the Embryos to prevent the over ambitious blood-lust exhibited by the Augments created in the 1990's. Had Arik been able to go further, I believe that we would have had Julian Bashir before his time. That, in my mind, isn't so bad.

But Arik Soong starts his work in prison. At the end of his sentence, he disappears for twenty years. Then his “Son” shows up with Daddy's work. “Son” looks an awful lot like Daddy. Then, he disappears for twenty years and Noonien shows up. Then, he succeeds and disappears for twenty years. 

Does anyone else see an issue with this? I thought only vampires or people with extremely long lifespans do this...oh wait...extremely long lifespans you say?

The extremely long life span is addressed in the new movie, “Into Darkness” Noonien Khan has regenerative cells that are required for just that purpose. In order for him to live within the Federation, he would have to cover that fact up. We already know he can hack into their computers to change information, so how hard would it be to create himself as his own “son?” Not hard at all.

So, in this part, I am suggesting that in order for us to get that very important Android, Noonien Khan must go through more trauma. He must lose his family. He must witness the loss of the embryos. His character must be pushed into Cybernetics. Noonien Khan must be woken up BEFORE 2338!

Perhaps, Klingons, in the search for the Eugenics Research attack Cold Station 12, where the bodies of the Botany Bay and the Embryos are being stored. The possibilities are endless. But whatever the course, these events are centered around a fixed point in time. The point in which Noonien Khan pursues Cybernetics in lue of Eugenics.

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