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No Gnus is Good Gnus: D&D and Rayism

The Four Laws of Rayism-

#1- Be ignorant in the pursuit of wisdom
#2- The gain of wisdom is always followed by the gain of ignorance
#3- Lie in the face of truth
#4- Be honest in the face of a lie

The Great One did not save Khemair but His Mercy allowed it to be saved.

He is Mercy and its duality.

His ignorance freed Khemair and His Wisdom allowed it to be saved.

He is Wisdom and its duality.

His actions did not save Kemair but his direction allowed Kemair to be saved.

He is the Compass to which we direct our actions.

His intentions are veiled But his actions were to be seen.

He is the veil.

There are a total of four preexists/priestess. Mercy, Wisdom, Compass, and Veil. There are the physical embodiment of the four virtues of Rayism. Mercy will will either block or unblock Mercy. Wisdom will block or unblock wisdom, intelligence, or things of the mind and spirit. Compass will either block or unblock personal direction. Veil will block or unblock truth, lies, intentions, motive.

The idea behind Rayism is the knowledge and acceptance that cycles will happen with or without interference from an outside source. Self aware beings can hinder or help the cycles as they progress. A seed will grow anywhere. But when a self aware being puts it in a certain place, at a certain time, and nurture it with resources, the plant has a better chance at life and procreation. As a self aware being, we can block the seeds growth and chances at procreation by denying it a certain place, certain time, and resources. And so it is with any living thing.

Rayism does not have a favored weapon. Whatever weapon the follower prefers is Rays favored weapon. Rayism requires a shield of some type. It can be magical, it can be kite, it can be a barrel lid. But the shield has to have the ability to block something.This “shield” can be a ring of protection, a helmet, a magic cape, it has to provide some protection from something.

The Mark of Rayism is a sun with its points as a compass. The “shield” must bear his mark.

Initiates must perform a ceremony that involves a quest to Ray's homeland. There they must retrieve a bottle of Pixie wine and bring it back to the temple.

Back at the temple, the initiate is dressed in white robes and sit vigil. Then, the night of the next day, the initiate will imbibe the a goblet of Pixie wine. The pixie wine will induce the initiate into a vision quest. The vision is unique to each individual. If the initiate survives the vision quest, they are welcomed into the temple community at sunrise. “Reborn” into the temple as an adept. There is a big party not involving the rest of the bottle of pixie wine.

Rayism does not have a favored enemy.

Rayism does give the follower “unlikely luck.” Basically, the more unlikely something is to happen, the more likely it will happen to and forthe follower. (It is like an improbability engine following them around) Keep in mind, that the moment the follower is in doubt, shit falls apart. The key of Rayism to accept almost anything that the game offers up and roll with those punches. Refer to Ray's origin story. That is his core personality. Oh, did you not hear about “No Gnu's is good Gnu's?” Okay, no shit there we were...

Our group was in a poor village. I don't even remember why we were there. But we had to retrieve something to lift a curse or something. We went trough the adventure, which was taxing on us, and brought back “the thing.” Anyway, so the people gathered in the center of the village, performed some spell or something. And then...

nothing happened.

As the group stood perplexed by the “nothing,” the villagers got angry and started to blame us for the “nothing.” My cleric said, “Wait, we didn't do anything to cause the nothing of your item.” The villagers were like all “well what didn't it work?” My cleric said something like, “Maybe it takes a little time. You need to wait. Sometimes, not knowing is the best thing for the problem.” Then, Ray says, “Yeah, No Gnu's is Good Gnu's” (Earlier that day, I had introduced Wesley to The Great Space Coaster and Gary Gnu.) Lorien, Wesley, and I are now laughing our asses off.

So, the DM says, “The Villagers don't get the joke. They all just look at each other and wonder what's funny.”

So, I say (and thus my cleric) Don't you know what a Gnu is?”

No,” says villager.

It's is an animal. Don't you have books in your school?” Says I (and thus my cleric.)

No, our village is too poor for books for the school.” says the “villager”

So, my cleric drops to her knees and prays aloud for knowledge of Gnu's. The DM wants a show of it. So, I get up off the couch, drop to my knees, throw my arms into the air, and say something like, “ Oh great and powerful deity! Bless this village with knowledge. For they lack the wisdom to know their ignorance. Bring forth and bless this poor yet noble village with knowledge of Gnus!”

The Dm is now laughing his ass off. He rolls. Then, he rolls again. And again, and again..while his laughing is getting harder and harder. Just before he is almost falling out of his chair, he looks up at us and says, “I can't believe this happening.”

What?” the players ask

As the cleric ends her prayer, the sky darkens. The clouds gather. You are now a witness to raining Gnus. There are Gnus falling out of the sky. And it is horrible.” He is laughing so hard! The characters are now running from angry villagers and Gnus.

Thus, we learned the true lesson of “No Gnus is good Gnus.”

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