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More about Rayism

Adepts to Rayism are introduced to a a discipline known only as “Coins Edge”

Adepts are taught that Ray is the physical embodiment of the coins edge

Adepts are expected to be true natural.

Adepts are taught that Rayism is not a psionic power. It is not magic. It is not sorcery. It is not divine. Rayism and the benefits of it are trained abilities, skills, and feats. There are requirements but, for the most part, anybody can learn them.

Adepts are taught that these abilities are based on chakras and the ki that flows between them. The abilities taught by the Temple of Ray can block or unblock flows of Ki throughout the body, mind, soul, and physical environment.

Adept- lvl 1- Success touch attack gives +1
Apprentice- lvl 2- successful touch attack gives +2
Student- lvl 3- And so forth...
Disiple- lvl 4
Master- lvl 5
Preist- lvl 6

It is during the vision quest and from the pixie drink that the chakras of the body, mind, soul, and environment are revealed to the adept. The vibrant colors “of the trip” never leave the follower. A follower of Rayism can see all the colors, including purple, within perception of the follower and can see them flowing and changing. The follower doesn't see them all the time.The follower can call it up and dismiss it at will. (I hope that made sense) Otherwise, the follower sees as he normally would given race, light, and whatever. Rayism doesn't take anything away from the follower, it only adds to his experiences.

Chakra 1- feet- black- foundation
Chakra 2- knees- brown -balance
Chakra 3- groin- red- seat
Chakra 4- mid torso- yellow- body
Chakra 5- chest- orange- heart
Chakra 6- arms- green- action
Chakra 7- throat- blue- communication
Chakra 8- forehead- indigo- thought
Chakra 9- top of head- violet- crown
Chakra 10- above the head- white- divine flow

+1 to what you ask? Well, look at the chart. A successful touch attack to block foundation means the opponent is more likely to trip. A successful touch attack to the throat rends open unable to speak. Use imagination. It is up to the DM.

A successful touch attack to friendly throat can case +1 to diplomacy or fast talking. Successful touch to friendly to forehead can case a +1 to intelligence or wisdom rolls.

By blocking or unblocking the flow of ki between points of the body will cause different things to in relator to what is being blocked. Successful block strike from a preist of Rayism to an opponents yellow chakra may cause kidney failure.

When reaching Student lvl, the follower will be taught a focus feat. For example, a preexist can, with successful “touch attacks” can block or unblock flows of Ki to focus a sudden burst of power to heal another part of the body. So he could block or unblock his own Ki to heal himself or he can block or unblock flows of Ki to heal another person, using the other's persons body. Basically, the priest can only use the personal KI to heal himself but he cannot use his personal Ki to heal another person. The priest can use the Ki flow of the other person to heal the other person, but could not heal himself using another's Ki flow. (I hope that made sense.)

Followers of Rayism cannot enchant items.


The followers of Rayism, who are in the upper rungs of Temple hierarchy, understand something that extremely few on this side of Tarkazia truly understand. The only way to make Technology work is with purple magic. That is the magic produced by “the Coins Edge” it is “magic” in the sense that it can be imbued on an object or being. The secret of that magic is that there isn't any magic in at all. Instead, it is viewed more or less like a improbability engine. The less likely it is to work, the more likely it will work for the follower. That is why it works.Which is the reason why, when a follower of Rayism is in doubt, shit falls apart. It is also the reason why when someone asks Ray if it will work, he shrugs and says nothing. Ray is Schrodinger's cat, he is dead and alive at the same time as long as no one answers the question. As long as he stays within the realm of knowing yet unknowing, it will work. If he answers straight forward with any answer, it will fail whether it was meant to work or not.

Followers of Rayism, unofficially support the faction called, “The Circuit.” This is mostly unknown to Adepts, Apprentices, and Students. When the follower attains Disciple, master, and priest, it is not unusual for “the Circuit” to appear and make an attempt to recruit.

False enchanted items are commonly found being sold by followers of Rayism. A false enchanted item is an item that is believedto be enchanted, behavesas if it is enchanted, but isn't enchanted at all. The “enchantment” comes from the beliefthat it is enchanted. It will always have a purple hue.

A false enchanted item will be believed it is enchanted if a successful bluff roll is made. I enjoy making players uncomfortable by having them tell me a story as to the how's and why's of an enchanted items creation. The better the story, the higher the chances of success.

Followers of Rayism need a good gambling skill rank. A lot of what they will do, will depend on that rank.

Followers of Rayism commonly pick up tinkering as well. The character doesn't haveto, but it is beneficial if they have something.

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