Monday, July 6, 2015

Khan really wants

Noonien Kahn was found by Admiral Marcus and kept in Section 31 to create a warship. We also know that Noonien Khan has smuggled out information stored in Section 31 that involves the history of the Eugenic Wars and pretty much everything else; which includes records of the Genesis Project.

He also knows that the Klingons needthat project. In The Search for Spock, Kruge had information that Federation was working on a weapon of mass destructoin. But that is not what the Genesis Project was in thatTimeline. Of course, it was also unstable and the planet was destroyed after resurrecting Spock. But after seeing the Genesis Project for himself, Kruge never asked about how the Klingons could use it it to restore Kronos and I have often wondered why.

But in thistimeline, could Khan have perfected the Genesis Project? We already know that Khan wants to destroy the Federation. We already know that he has the embryos. Knowing about the Genesis Wave and the resurrection of Spock from the files of Section 31, could Khan be planning on using the Genesis Project to create a new Kronos with the inclusion of the Embryos to create a “new and stronger” Klingon race? A combination of super human/klingon soldiers to take over the federation?

I think this is a plausible deduction given the information provided. Somewhere in the depths of my brain, I believe this might be what the writers have in store for us in the new upcoming movie. I am not comfortable with this theme of writing. It doesn't hold water to the original intent of the Khan character.

Another plausible theory is that Khan has traded his knowledge of the Genesis Project for sanctuary. Khan will restore Kronos and the Klingon High Counsel will give him a protected planet within the Klingon Empire to raise his family normally. But I would have to question the true intent of the High Counsel. Would they trust Khan not to interfere?

Hell no. They don't trust humans at all. The Klingons would interefere because of their own paranoia and screw around with Khan, make him angry, then Kahn would eventually counter. But Khan knows that too. So what do the Klingons have that Noonien Khan would find valuable?

Noonien Khan's motive is to find a safe place to have his family without interference. Noonien Khan really can't trust any nation to leave him alone. So, his only option is to find a planet and hide it. The Klingons have cloaking technology. That is what Kahn wants so badly. With a cloak, he can take his embryos anywhere in the cosmos. And Khan is smart enough to backwards engineer the tech to create a planet wide cloaking device. 

This could work. In TNG, the Enterprise comes across a world that could fit the profile for Khan's planet. The episode is called Clues. (air date Feb 11, 1991) The audience never sees or hears the true identity of the inhabitants of this world. The advanced technology of this unknown species would definitely be within the scope of Khan's people after a hundred years or so.
There is another possible planet. The inhabitants on this planet are extremely peaceful. They fit the genetic profile; blond, blue-eyed, long living, no diseases, perfect bodies, and are pretty smart. But their laws are extremely restrictive and they cannot leave their own planet because “God” will not allow it. Justice (air date Nov 9, 1987) is the episode I am speaking of. Now, I am reluctant to offer this suggestion but it is possible. This may explain the social behaviors of the inhabitants and why the planets justice system has to be extreme. It would also fit Khan's profile and history.

I want to see a more peaceful outcome for Noonien Khan. But I know how Hollywood “thinks” they know what fans want, explosions. I fear that will give way to new kind of low. One that I don't want to be a part of.

Here's hoping I am wrong.

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