Saturday, December 4, 2021

Advice for Younglings

 First & foremost the most important rule. If you do not do this, you won't get anywhere:

Make time for the Gods. If you don't make time for them, they won't make time for you.

2nd: Be ready to put an extraordinary amount of work into yourself over an extended period of time

3rd: Open yourself up to learn your voice and a new language. The Divine Language of your intuition.

Making time doing what? What's the first step to that?

Mindfulness Meditation is absolutely required for connecting to any deity. You are the key. A practitioner must be in tune with their own inner deity to "make a phone call" By nurturing your own inner Divinity, the Gods will connect and speak through that "Ethernet" connection. Without it, you can't make a call. It takes practice. It won't happen overnight. But it's a skill that you CAN learn. The path of magic is being active with it.

Read! Read! Read! You can't make bricks without clay! You are the clay. Mold it by learning and applying that knowledge into daily living. Immerse yourself in that life. That means living the magical life you love. In Paganism, everything is connected. You are responsible & accountable for that life. Positively feeding your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies with the spiritual life will ping the God's attention.


The Gods love to help those who first put the work into themselves. The Gods do not want to waste time with those who are sleeping or only partly sleeping. (That's what Christianity is for.) We are pagan. We are not asleep. But we have to put in a butt load of work over an extended period of time to prove to the Gods that our devotion and resolve to our incorporeal object constancy and faith is not a mortal fleeting whim, but a consistent and constant overpowering desire to bring forth and grow our own Divinity. (In the magical life, I often posit that Object Constancy and Faith are similar. Only that object constancy is subject to our ego, while our Faith is subject to our intuition. This will make sense to you later as you evolve, this is why reading is critical to Pagan spiritual success.)

Read what exactly?

Not only magical books. Self help, therapy books, myth, folklore, fairytales, Hero of a thousand faces, Paganism 101, drawing down the moon, anything by Buckland, Silver ravenwolf, Cunningham, Telesco, John Bradshaw, yes the Bible too. It does contain parables and wisdom for us too. But that also means other standard holy books, the Vedas, Eddas, Islamic stuff, jewish stuff, (sorry my brain just hiccuped) you need to read anything that will fill your spirit with wonder and inspiration Stay away from stuff that is toxic or leaves you feeling hungry. The purpose is to raise you up, feed your spirit, and leave you refreshed with perspective and new unknown choices.

What's a Divine Language?

When someone says, "Trust your intuition."

I immediately ask, "Oh yeah? Tell them what that sounds like. Then they can listen to it to trust it." I promise that is answered by crickets.

Reading and immersing yourself into your magical life will lead you to learn the voice of your inner Divinity and understand the language of your own intuition. It's like a Love Language. This is very personal and it differs from every other person. So, there is no one that can help you beyond this advice. But once you learn what your intuitive voice sounds like and understand the words or visual prompts it sends you, it will become easier and easier to hear it, listen to it, and trust it implicitly. But you must put in the work. You must take the time to sit in silence and your mind must be still enough for the voice to get through.

Warning: This path may lead you through to Shadowork and a dark night of the soul. It did me. It was worth it. Every tear shed and every challenge that tore me apart. The Divine Force sent me Gods to mentor me back to a better path. They healed me and gave me a greater understanding of myself and therefore my world was made a better place to be.

I have given you 3 things to do, youngling. If you follow these basic things, I promise the Gods will come. For beckoned or unbeckoned, the Gods WILL come. I wish you the greatest adventure any person could ever have.

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