Saturday, December 4, 2021

Holy Elements for Cleansing

 The basic premise for cleansing is to use Holy elements. 

Holy Air

A practitioner doesn't have to use Holy smoke or Holy oil. These cover the element of Air. There are 3 other elements to choose from. (also, alternative Air elements you can use. For example, a blessed hand fan. I have 5 or 6 each a different color combo. My alter has three alone.)

Holy Earth.

What do you think that salt is for on your alter? Use the Holy Earth by sprinkling it on your objects to bless it. I also have a container of sand. This container is used for holding my intense, but that ash is Holy ash. I mix it into my sand. And I use that Holy Earth to bless my feet when I need extra grounding power! You don't have to use your ashes from incense, (since you don't want to do intense) just get some sand. Flowers and herbs are great for cleansing as well. Scatter dried flowers and herbs if you can stand it.

Potted plant. Your mom will never suspect a houseplant to be pagan. But it can be.

Holy Water

What do you think that goblet is for, youngling? The water (or wine) on your alter is there for a reason, use it! Sprinkle it where you need it,

A picture or figurine of a water creature on your wall or shelf. Can be kept on the down-low up high. (lolZ)

Or a small watering can. You need a watering can for your houseplant right?

Holy Fire

Your Athame is a fire element. Use it for blessing what you will using its Holy Fire ability. Light is also Holy. I have some suncatchers in my window. They are blessed and when the sun shines through, it cascades Holy Rainbows over my sacred space.

Go kitchen witch, use a wooden spoon as a wand. Keep it in the kitchen drawer. She'll never know.

USe Christain Iconography to hide your true faith. Our ancestors did it and it isn't stealing because they stole it from us first, Take back your culture! The Hanging Jesus is actually Odin on the tree. Virgin Mary is actually Frigga or Freya. The BAby Jesus is BAlder or Vali (depending on whether you are an Odinist or Lokian)

Invoke Your Inner Loki and be creative in your craft. Cunning magic always pleases the Gods.

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