Saturday, December 4, 2021

What exactly is triple about the moon goddess?

 I got a download from the Divine not too long ago. And I have been in a deep state of meditation and ponderance about it.

The vision was this:

The Morrigan showed up and was fuming. (Personally, I got really scared and just slipped into silent trembling fear.) She grows into a towering giant before me and says, "What exactly is triple about the moon, young mortal? Tell me why I have been left out of the standard equation?"

I did not answer because its the Morrigan and she is effin frightening when she's angry.

"The last time I checked the Moon had FOUR phases. Four! Full, waxing, waning, AND HIDDEN! Triple moon goddess, my blind cow!"

Okay, so I'm jolted out of the vision. Having time to think about it, I can see why she is hopping mad! The Dark Moon has been...accidentally?... written out of some texts. I can understand why she is not happy. Being the HIdden and dark is not supposed to be evil and scary. Its natural. Its path is to be walked at some point. Everyone must experience the dark night of the soul and thus enter the domain of the Morrigan. Leaving her out of the Moon Cycle equation is wrong.

I decided to put the Morrigan back where she belongs and honor her darkness. Without her challenge, I cannot grow in faith. I was then compelled to make a statement about that to other Wiccans and Pagans. Do as you will. It doesn't harm anyone to put the Morrigan back in her rightful place and exterminate an outdated idea of the triple moon goddess.

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