Saturday, December 4, 2021

There are trolls and then there are TROLLS

 Being on Reddit is always interesting in some form or fashion. I do enjoy some of the rhetoric there, and I am guilty of serving a  few whooping platters of my trollishness. But there are some who just really make their life's goal to be the biggest Toxic Devil's Advocate they possibly can be online. And they are super good at it too.

Using Logic on a Spiritual thread. Doesn't get a person kicked off. My topic was one of generalized representation of the Moon goddess and its main Phases, turned into 

"Well, technically there are 8 phases of the moon" discussion. Which threw the entire point of the post into the flames of Hel. Seriously? This person is supposed to be on a Pagan/Wiccan thread. Why are we having a technical Astronomy discussion about the 8 phases of the moon in regard to the Morrigan being represented by the dark moon? This is too much Ego.

I told her to dial it back. Too much ego for a spiritual discussion, the mod comes back with. "That's not ego. Thats just fact."

Well, Sherlock what do you think Ego is in this context? If we were dealing with facts, I would be in a science thread, not a faith-driven spiritual one! 


If a person is mindful of the CONTEXT in which the discussion is taking place, then we do not need to deal with people who want to be the smartest in the room. Becuase, I'll be honest, I'm only comfortable with Rick when he's in a cartoon. Not when I have to deal with him in real life. Becuase I promise the real-life Rick is not the smartest person in the room, he's just the biggest asshole in the room. And the drunkest asshole in the room. Which does not add up to the greatest social experience of my life. It adds up to wasted energy on a douchebag. And I don't like to waste my energy or time on a person who doesn't deserve it.

Those who don't deserve my time and energy are those who are too closed by insecurity and fear to learn anything from me. Now, NOW! I completely understand why Yoda did not want to teach Anakin! And the mistake that the counsel made when they over rode Yoda's verdict! I also see that the Counsel's decision was solely based on (and yeah, I'm making a deduction based on the information before me, which may also be labeled an assumption) "If we don't train him, the dark side will find him and convert him." Which is greed. The council was being greedy. Jedi Trolls!

But that doesn't matter. It's not their problem. Its MINE. I'm the one who has to learn how to deal with this type of person because this type of person will always exist, on or off the net. A troll, a real troll, is a social dumpster fire that will challenge anyone, everyone at one point or another. This is one of those little Social life lessons that we all must learn to "get out of grade school mindset" (That mindset is something like this, "Hey! He's not being fair! I'm telling the teacher you're being a bully! MOM!" Which I imagine is the problem of some of the softer sides of SJW movements. Where everyone has to be nice and hug their neighbor and nothing bad ever happens to anyone ever. Excuse me while I gag on rainbows and sparkles)

Blocking these people is just shutting myself off from the world. So, I reject that option of resolution.

Sticking up for myself is not an option either. These types of people are closed to anything beyond their own head. That is the trouble of living in an ego like that. No room for anyone else or any other perspective but their own. Not worth the effort to even attempt to meet halfway.

I guess the best way to deal with them is to ignore and avoid interacting with them. And if their flying monkeys "come to their rescue" ignore than too. Otherwise, I have nothing on the matter that comes close to handling them in any sort of real way.

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